anesthesia patient monitor / non-invasive blood pressure / systolic pressure / cardiac output
CNAP® Monitor



  • Measured parameter:

    non-invasive blood pressure, systolic pressure, cardiac output

  • Applications:

    intensive care, ambulatory, clinical, emergency, anesthesia, vascular diagnostic, for surgery units, for research

  • Configuration:

    portable, trolley-mounted

  • Other characteristics:

    continuous, non-invasive, high-resolution, finger pressure

  • Screen size:

    8.4 in


Noninvasive and beat-to-beat management of full hemodynamics: blood pressure, hemodynamics (CO, SV etc.) and fluid status (PPV/SVV)
Enhancing standard hemodynamic assessment with e.g. Goal Directed Therapy (GDT) also in low and medium risk surgeries - without the need for an arterial catheter.
All from one sensor: appreciated in research applications as no additional equipment necessary ​