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protective coverall / unisex / waterproof

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protective coverall / unisex / waterproof protective coverall / unisex / waterproof - EPP-10


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    protective coveralls

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Protective biological and chemical protective suit with a overpressure protective hood provides optimum protection against dust, solid particles, aerosols, liquid organic and concentrated inorganic chemicals (also under pressure), against biological hazardous substances, radioactive substances and military warfare agents. It is classified in category III, type 3B, 4, 5 and 6 and meets the requirements of the standards: EN 14605, EN 14126 and EN 1073-2.

Properties of protective hood EOK-10:
overpressure protective hood ensures a high level of respiratory protection against effect of life-threatening environmental impacts
inner space of protective hood is protected by internal overpressure of air supplied from filter-ventilation unit (FVU) with combined filters which is placed on the user‘s comfort belt
FVU supplies sufficient amount of filtered air (at least 120 dm3 / min)
FVU is equipped with a visual warning and acoustic signals. A fully charged battery guarantees a minimum operating time of 4 hours
acceptable level of internal overpressure ensures one-way exhalation valve