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protective coverall / unisex

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protective coverall / unisex protective coverall / unisex - EBO-10/M


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    protective coveralls

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The protective biological and chemical suit EBO-10 is the product of continuous development in the area of protective means of individuals. It differs from the EBO-10 (red colour) in its volume air flow which has been increased up to 160 dm3/min and an innovative cephalic cross construction. The material is on the same base, just the butyl rubber coating is thicker, in order to ensure better resistance to chemicals.

user’s protection is secured by inner positive pressure
filtration-ventilation unit supplies sufficient amount of filtered air (160 dm3/min)
accumulator guarantees at least 8 hours of operating time
quality of filtered air is ensured by appropriate filters, placed outside the suit
optimal volume of inner positive pressure is ensured by one-way overpressure valves
large view-through
special hermetic zip fastener
all seams are super-sealed by elastomeric mixture
fabric: butyl rubber
inovated head cross