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protective coverall / unisex

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protective coverall / unisex protective coverall / unisex - EBO-10


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    protective coveralls

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The protective biological and chemical suit with gas-tight adjustment , red: EBO-10
The protective biological and chemical suit EBO-10 with filtered air inlet enables the user to enter environments with a risk of presence of dangerous biological, chemical or deleterious substances. The inner space is secured by air positive pressure supplied by filtration-ventilation unit that is hung on a belt inside the protective suit.

user’s protection is secured by inner positive pressure
filtration-ventilation unit supplies sufficient amount of filtered air (120 dm3/min)
accumulator guarantees at least 8 hours of operating time
quality of filtered air is ensured by appropriate filters, placed outside the suit
optimal volume of inner positive pressure is ensured by one-way overpressure valves
large view-through
special hermetic zip fastener
all seams are super-sealed by elastomeric mixture
fabric: butyl rubber