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animal research telemetry implant / for large animals / activity / pressure



  • Applications:

    for animal research

  • Type of animal:

    for large animals

  • Measured parameter:

    activity, pressure, ECG, blood pressure, EEG, EMG


easyTEL implantable system transmits physiological data from conscious freely moving laboratory animals.

Physiological measurements are captured by a transmitter surgically implanted and wirelessly transmitted to a receiver within 3 to 5 meters distance.

Intended for use in preclinical research (primarily toxicology, phar­macology and safety pharmacology studies) and biodefense, the easyTEL+ digital range of implants, available in L size, are ideal for large animals such as rabbits, swine, dogs or primates

Various models offer the ability to continuously record:

Biopotential (ECG, EEG, EMG)
Blood pressure (Arterial and/or Left Ventricular Pressure)
Respiratory rate*
Acceleration from 3-axis accelerometer (activity)
*Derived from pleural or blood pressure or diaphragmatic EMG