cardiovascular operating table / urological / neurosurgery / laparoscopic



  • Applications:

    urological, neurosurgery, laparoscopic, cardiology, cardiovascular, radiology

  • Operation:


  • Features:

    height-adjustable, radiolucent


The Famed FLARE table has an ultra-thin, fully transparent, floating tabletop made of carbon fiber with the TotalClear™ technology, which guarantees very clean, artifact-free images and the highest translucency parameter on the market that help to reduce radiation dose that affects the patient and medical personnel. TotalClear™ tabletop facilitates the correct placement of the patient (floating tabletop with a joystick) and it is useful during cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, urological surgery, orthopedic surgery, pain management therapy, and endoscopic procedures.


• Operations with a maximum load of up to 230 kilograms;
• The market’s best translucency parameter-0.36 mm Al;
• Table parameters allow to reduce the dose of radiation transmitted to the patient and staff;
• TotalClear™ technology minimizes artifacts in images.


• Ergonomic tabletop and low base provide plenty of space for easy maneuvering of C-arm;
• Accessory rails InfiniMove™ can move over the entire length of the imaging field and enable an optimal selection of the mounting location of the accessories;
• Joystick for controlling the floating top makes it easier to set the tabletop in a comfortable position relative to the C-arm;
• Possibility to control the table using the rCover™ wireless remote control.


• The 1600 mm imaging window, 1400 mm 360° window,
• Side shift ± 125 mm;
• 2200 mm tabletop for comfortable placement of tall patients;
• Joystick allows quick change of the tabletop position;
• The motors allow tabletop movement also during tilts;
• Specialist attachments can be mounted on 2 fixed rails or 2 InfiniMove™ adapters.