anesthesia gas blender / oxygen / nitrous oxide / tube flow meter
Mix 4, Mix 5



  • Gas type:

    anesthesia, oxygen, nitrous oxide

  • Technology:

    tube flow meter


MIX 4 and MIX 5 are disposable Safety Gas Mixers commonly used in workrooms/examination rooms that supplies (O²/N²O or O²/Air). Compared to MIX 2 and 3, these safety gas mixers allow better reading accuracy due to its twin tube feature. Advantage/security include: possibility of very light flow mixture, high precision level, separate gas flow reading, fine control flowmeters, individual calibration, supply pressure variations insensitivity, safety regulation when working with light flows and prevents the mixture to contain less than 20% of oxygen. It has an oxygen supply outlet for auxiliary use and audible alarm in case of failure in oxygen supply.