aesthetic medicine ESWT unit / trolley-mounted

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aesthetic medicine ESWT unit aesthetic medicine ESWT unit - THORK


  • Applications:

    for aesthetic medicine

  • Ergonomics:



The equipment
Thork Shock Wave is a piece of equipment microcontrolled by extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT – Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy). The mechanical cavitational and thermal energy produced by Thork Shock Wave is transferred to the patient through a radial shockwave applicator.

It presents maximum energy of 200mJ, and the Shockwave emission mode can be single or sequential, with adjustment of frequency of up to 22Hz and the number of shots can be previously adjusted until 9999 or free mode (Free).

The equipment is accompanied by 3 projectiles, one in the applicator and 2 spare ones. Each projectile presents a durability of 3 million shots. After 9 million, that is, after the use of the 3 projectiles, it is necessary to send the applicator for overhaul and maintenance.

Thork Shock Wave can be used with tips of different sizes and materials for several therapeutic applications. It presents an ergonomic applicator, exclusive design, touchscreen and an informative tutorial. It is efficient, safe, precise and easy-to-operate equipment.

The equipment must be used only under prescription and supervision of a licensed professional.

Thork Shock Wave Tips

Metallic Tips (stainless steel)

6mm metallic tip: used in treatments in the rehabilitation area which aim to reach deeper tissue and structures in localized and specific areas. It can be used in trigger-points, acupuncture and tendinopathies;
15mm metallic tip: used in treatments in the areas of physical rehabilitation and esthetics, which aim to reach deeper tissues and structures.