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tecar therapy unit tecar therapy unit - NÈARTEK


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    tecar therapy unit

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Nèartek is a TECARTHERAPY equipment (High Frequency Capacitive and Resistive Energy Transfer), with frequencies from 500kHz to 1000kHz, which can be described as the first in tecartherapy in Brazil and the most complete in the world.

Tecartherapy is a form of electrothermal therapy. It can be can compred to radiofrequency in terms of its physical principles, physiological effects, indications for use and contraindications. Nèartek enables capacitive and resistive applications, in continuous and pulsed modes for non-thermal, thermal or hyperthermal treatments.

In addition, it allows reaching different tissue depths by presenting exclusive frequency modes, being: fixed frequency (500kHz or 1000kHz), alternating frequency (500kHz and 1000kHz) and sweep frequency (500kHz to 1000kHz).

The capacitive system causes reactions that are concentrated mainly on subcutaneous areas. The heating of these tissues has a positive influence on the subsequent application of the resistive mode, since capacitive treatment reduces the internal resistance values of subcutaneous tissues due to the vascularization effect. It means, localized action must be superficial or semi-deep.

In the resistive system, the reactions caused are concentrated in the most resistant tissues, such as bones and tendons, or fibrotic areas.

There is greater resistance in bones and tendons, as they are areas of high density and low water content, causing a more significant increase in temperature than in softer and / or more vascularized areas. The action is polyarticular and deep.