clinical chemistry reagent kit / plasma / serum / alkaline phosphatase

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clinical chemistry reagent kit clinical chemistry reagent kit - A-R0200000001


  • Applications:

    for clinical chemistry

  • Sample type:

    plasma, serum

  • Tested parameter:

    alkaline phosphatase

  • Other characteristics:



Quantitative in vitro determination of the concentration of Alkaline phosphatase in
human serum and plasma, to be interpreted in clinical contexts.
Alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is an enzyme that reacts optimally to alkaline pH. It is
present in blood in numerous forms which come mainly from bone and liver, but also
from other tissues such as kidneys, placenta, testicles, and lung tissue, as well as from
the presence of tumors. Physiological increases occur during phases of bone growth in
children and in pregnancy, which pathological increases are largely associated with
hepatobiliary and bone disorders. In terms of hepatobiliary disorders, elevated activity is
also observable in infectious hepatitis. The bone disorders that cause an increase in
ALP activity are osteoblastic, such as Paget’s disease, osteomalacia (rickets), bone
metastases and hyper-p
Reagent Preparation
The reagents are liquid, ready to use. The solutions must be limpid with no evident
precipitate. Pay attention to avoid bacterial contamination during use. The stability of
the reagents are 30 days if closed, stored at 2 - 8°C and protect from direct light.