stair-climbing transfer chair / outdoor / electric / on casters



  • Type:

    stair-climbing, outdoor, electric

  • Features:

    on casters, folding


SKB1C02-2 Handicapped Emergency Rescue Stair Elevator Climbing Wheelchair

* Made from high-strength aluminum alloy tructure.
* Electric type, only need one person operating.
* Unique track structure, convenient and safe when the stretcher down the stairs, won’t glide or fall down when stop on the stairs
* With 4 wear-resistant rubber wheels, the chair can use as a wheelchair on the ground.
* Castor sizes: rear castor diameter of Ø125, and front castor diameter of Ø75mm
* Battery installated in accordance with international standards, not close to the body, make users feel more comfortable.
* Equipped with vest type ,metal buckle straps, to ensure the safety during transport.
Full Size:1230*500*1600mm
Folded Size:1020*550*210mm