mammography software / image enhancement / patient data management / visualization
Med Mammo



  • Function:

    image enhancement, patient data management, visualization, diagnostic, measurement, file import, CAD, interoperability, contour detection

  • Application domain:

    for mammography

  • Medical establishment:

    for radiology services, doctor's office


Med Mammo
Med Mammo is a mammography diagnostic workstation which combines ease of use and high performance features.

Med Mammo allows multimodality image reading including tomosynthesis

Med Mammo's features:

Interoperability and constructors' independence allow Med Mammo to pre-fetch clinically relevant prior exams including ultrasound, MRI and tomosynthesis
All mammography studies are automatically scaled and aligned to ensure optimal side by side comparison ( different algorithms depending on the manufacturer)
Each study is automatically associated with the corresponding modality imaging functions such as, measurements, stitching, MIP/MPR, and modality display protocols
100 % zoom or true size display on 5MP monitors to improve diagnosis
Dedicated pad available for automatic tasks process
Relevant images can easily be saved, identified and added to the hanging protocol
Optimization of the patient's data management for long term follow-up
64 bits version technically compliant with the most demanding exams, improves loading speed