3D viewing software / DICOM viewing / preoperative planning / import
mediCAD Knee 3D



  • Function:

    3D viewing, DICOM viewing, preoperative planning, import, for knee prosthesis design, surgical navigation

  • Application domain:

    CT, for DICOM files, for PACS, for orthopedic imaging, for knee surgery

  • Medical establishment:

    for hospitals, doctor's office

  • Other characteristics:



mediCAD Knee® 3D opens up entirely new opportunities in anatomical assessment, planning and measurements of the knee, resulting in optimal, audit-compliant surgery preparation.
A modern, intuitive user interface that takes you straight to your objective and the usual,convenient connection to an existing PAC system at your hospital are just two of the many features that make mediCAD Knee® 3D an indispensable tool for your day-to-day work.
The most important features:

- Import assistant/Interactive help
- Anatomical 3D and 2D view
- Segmentation of the 3D object and automatic determination of various landmarks
- Simple analysis of the current pathological situation
- Precise, simple and automatic measurement processes (e.g. femoral/tibial torsion, slope, condylar offset, etc.)
- Simple selection and positioning of implants
- Carrying out corrective osteotomies
- Detailed implant visualization with 3D shapes
- Distance and bone contact visualization
- Transparent view for better visibility of the planned position
- Individual prosthetics
- Stitching of CT images
- Digital documentation
- 3D print of the bone/body
- OP viewer/Thieme eRef integration

In addition, mediCAD Knee® 3D offers the usual integration into our existing PACS partners' systems.