dental implant surgery instrument kit / single-use

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dental implant surgery instrument kit dental implant surgery instrument kit - R2GATE


  • Procedure:

    dental implant surgery

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R2GATE Surgical Kits are available!
Full Kit and Universal Kit are available.
The full kit consists of a complété set of drills and system-specific implant carriers. The Universal kit consists of drills from initial to 2.8 drills for any implant Systems. The implant carrier and disposable drills may be added as your option.
Simple and Practical R2GATE UNIVERSAL KIT
Flexible kit for ail implant Systems
Simple and practical Universal Kit
R2GATE Universal Kit includes essential guide drills and tools that can be used for various implant Systems. Final drills and other necessary tools can be added for your preferred implant System.
Add optional Tools for your preferred implant System
You can add optional tools like implant carrier, tap drill, cortical bone drill and more for your preference. Refer to MegaGen Implant Catalogue for more information.