cephalometric X-ray system / panoramic X-ray system / dental CBCT scanner / digital



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    cephalometric X-ray system, panoramic X-ray system, dental CBCT scanner

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©igital Equipment
I. R2 CT 2000
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Autoordering System included. Ail digital information will be sent to R2GATE by one click.
Dental CT. It is not a choice, it is essential
For the first time in dental image industry we provide improved visible x-ray guide technology grafted Free FOV function!
Technical Spécifications (R2 CT 2000)
TypePûDOfûrnc, Cepfiatometnc. Cône Beam CT
Patent FtooforingStandng (Wbeetcbar accessible)
Focal spot0.5
Tube Current4-17mA
Tube voltage00-OOkVp
Detector typeCMOSCMOS
FOV/lmage seeMax. 12x10cmMax 14.4cm(H)
Free FOV supportYesYes
Exposuretime4.9- 14sec2.0- 14sec
Cephalometric (Option)
TypeSCOCL (Oie shc* Loge) OCS(OiestotSbndarc|
Oetector TypeCdTe Oetectora-Si TRa-Si TR
Image sizeMax 26x24cmMax. 33x33cmMax. 30x25cm
Exposure trno4.0- 10.4sec0.3/0.8 Sec0.3/0.8 Sec
Visible X-ray Guide
Through LED light shining on patient s lace, you can take x-ray only on necessary région
Pulsed X-ray
Onty use the minimum amcxnt d dose when takng x-ray image
Various functions
Free FOV
Easy lo mariage FOV size (use louch saœn Of wiretess remote controller)
OD remote controller
Easy lo mariage FOV on any directions