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balance rehabilitation system / gait / computer-assisted



  • Therapy type:

    gait, balance

  • Technology:



The C-Mill is a powerful tool that allows for better and more efficient rehabilitation. Besides objective assessment of balance and gait, the C-Mill provides a safe and comfortable training environment using a treadmill, augmented reality and virtual reality.
The C-Mill allows for learning gait adaptability strategies through obstacle avoidance and speed adaptation exercises in a safe and controlled environment.
Augmented and virtual reality environments allow for variation in training exercises with direct visual
and auditory feedback.
The software shows gait parameters like steplength, width, frequency and symmetry on a step-to-step basis and session reports are
generated automatically
Train foot placement with the C-Mill, balance and dual-tasks with C-Mill VR, or use C-Mill VR+ for early to late rehabilitation with body weight support. It’s a complete, advanced gait-lab and training center on 4m².