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enzyme reagent kit / for DNA sequencing / alkaline phosphatase / enzymatic
ExS-Pure™ EXS-5000

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enzyme reagent kit enzyme reagent kit - ExS-Pure™ EXS-5000


  • Type:


  • Applications:

    for DNA sequencing

  • Tested parameter:

    alkaline phosphatase

  • Analysis mode:



ExS-Pure™ Enzymatic PCR purification kit, 5000 rxn

Product Information
Fast & Easy PCR Cleanup
The kit consists of two recombinant hydrolytic enzymes: Exonuclease-I and Shrimp Alkaline Phosphatase. Together they eliminate all unwanted dNTP’s and residual primers from your PCR products, which would interfere with downstream applications.

100% Sample recovery
With ExS-Pure™ there is no need for time-consuming gel, column or magnetic bead purifications. Both short and long stranded PCR products are left completely intact.

Premium features
DNA sequencing, SNP analysis and many other applications require PCR products which are free of dNTP's and primers. For DNA sequencing, unincorporated primers and dNTP's can lead to high background and miscalling of bases. With Ex's-Pure you can efficiently remove these contaminants and make improvements in read length and base calling.

The straightforward workflow allows the cleanup to be performed in under 10 minutes, including hands-on time.

6 minute protocol
Easily incorporated in automated workflows
100% sample recovery