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The Parsys Telemedicine Cart is a specially designed Cart for teleconsultation, capture and transmission of vital data in order to establish a medical diagnosis as close as possible to the patient. It includes a HD videoconferencing system for teleconsultation and tele-expertise in complete autonomy. The health professional is then connected to the patient’s bedside without leaving his workstation. The Cart also features a range of Bluetooth® wireless or USB medical sensors to simplify and accelerate the exams capture: Simultaneous 12-lead ECG, blood pressure, pulse oximetry, etc.
Its clever design makes it the perfect mobile telemedicine solution, both comfortable and handy for use in demanding sites. The Cart allows multiple adjustments and settings, facilitating its use. A true working comfort in a sitting or standing position.

* Robust & easy to handle
* Ergonomic & adjustable
* Large touchscreen
* Secure compartments
* 4 medicalized wheels
* Modular options

The Cart can integrate a range of medical devices to ensure the patient’s best medical diagnosis during a teleconsultation and transmit it in real time or asynchronously to a remote health care professional.

It’s standard equipped with:
* Electrocardiograph
* Pulse oximeter
* Blood pressure

Optional medical sensors:
* Wire 18-lead ECG
* Spirometer
* Thermometer
* Glucometer
* Blood analyzer
* Stethoscope
* Dermatoscope
* Otoscope
* Ophtalmoscope
* Endoscope
* Hand camera
* Ultrasound scanner