PACS iOS application / reporting / diagnostic / visualization



  • Function:

    reporting, diagnostic, visualization

  • Application domain:

    for PACS, medical imaging


iPaxera is one of the fastest and easy to use PACS viewing applications specifically designed for viewing and navigating studies (DICOM images) with your iPad, iPhone, and iPod. iPaxera was the first application to provide the ability to add studies (DICOM images) from your PC/Mac, DICOM CD or flash memory directly to iPad through local synchronization via iTunes with the USB cable. This is the same as synchronizing your pictures and movies to your device (no need for Wi-Fi/3G connection or a PACS server).
iPaxera also can communicate with any PACS system via DICOM Query/Retrieve and directly interface with PaxeraView, Paxeramed’s diagnostic viewing workstation.

iPaxera is the only application that permits the radiologists to retrieve their studies from local folders, PACS or PaxeraView workstation and do the diagnosis during the lunch break or vacation time and then dictate or write the report via the embedded reporting tool and send it by email or save it with the study.