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Eagle Eye® Platinum



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Eagle Eye Platinum
Digital IVUS catheter

The Eagle Eye Platinum digital IVUS catheter is the #1 choice of physicians for intravascular imaging (in the US).* As a unique plug-and-play intravascular imaging catheter it is designed for ease of use and deliverability. Features include a soft tapered tip, GlyDx hydrophilic coating for increased lubricity, a long, rapid exchange lumen for improved pushability, three radiopaque markers, and compatibility with SyncVision for co-registration with angiography.

Plug-and-play for immediate imaging

The plug-and-play simplicity and digital, solid state design of the Eagle Eye Platinum digital IVUS catheter provides a fast, easy approach for IVUS imaging. There is no motor drive, no moving parts, and no pullback device required. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about flushing or priming of the transducer before a procedure.
Improved lubricity

The improved GlyDx hydrophilic coating, applied to the distal portion of the catheter, provides increased lubricity and durability during use. The tapered tip and long rapid exchange lumen add pushability.*
Markers for length estimation

Relying on angiograms alone may make it difficult to estimate the length of bifurcation, ostial, and tortuous lesions. The Eagle Eye Platinum digital IVUS catheter features three radiopaque markers with 10 mm spacing facilitating length estimation without the need for a marker wire or pullback device. SyncVision’s co-registration measures accurate length even with a manual pullback.
SyncVision compatibility