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ComboWire® XT

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catheter guidewire catheter guidewire - ComboWire® XT


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ComboWire XT
Guide wire

The ComboWire is a pressure wire for advanced physiological assessment that provides simultaneous Doppler flow. It offers a pressure transducer mounted proximal to the tip. The ComboWire measures pressure and flow velocity when used with the ComboMap system.

Flow and pressure measurement

The ComboWire features a pin plug for flow and a modular plug for pressure. Used with ComboMap, the ComboWire can provide accurate flow and pressure measurement.
Measures FFR and CFR

The ComboWire XT guide wire features just one wire to measure FFR and CFR.
Pressure and flow velocity

When used with the ComboMap system, ComboWire is able to measure both pressure and flow velocity.
Fractional Flow Reserve measurement

Various clinical studies demonstrate that physiologic lesion assessment by FFR to guide routine PCI is superior to current angiography guided treatment. This measured ratio represents the potential decrease in coronary flow distal to the coronary stenosis.¹