catheter guidewire / coronary

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catheter guidewire / coronary catheter guidewire / coronary - Verrata™


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Experience the freedom of untethered steering from tip to clip. Many factors impact wire performance including tip design, wire support, and torque response. Fundamental to guide wire handling is the ability to maneuver the wire untethered. The Verrata pressure guide wire quickly disconnects and reliably reconnects, freeing physicians to steer like a frontline wire

Familiar frontline tip

Verrata has an industry standard flat-tip construction for easy shaping and shape retention. The competitive agile tip has an unconventional round tip which may be more challenging to shape and steer.

Quickly disconnect, reliably reconnect

The ability to disconnect easily and reliably reconnect is one of the most impressive features of the Verrata pressure guide wire. Also, the pressure guide wire allows free wire rotation when connected.*
iFR modality simplifies workflow

iFR modality simplifies workflow by providing a hyperemia-free measurement to assess lesion significance in as few as five heartbeats. Philips Volcano’s proprietary iFR modality has a robust body of clinical evidence with over 9,000 patients in numerous studies and peer-reviewed journal articles.*
Fractional Flow Reserve measurement

Various clinical studies demonstrate that physiologic lesion assessment by FFR to guide routine PCI is superior to current angiography guided treatment. This measured ratio represents the potential decrease in coronary flow distal to the coronary stenosis.