emergency trolley / for general purpose / 5-drawer / with tray



  • Applications:


  • Use:

    for general purpose

  • Components:

    5-drawer, with tray, with waste bin, with IV pole

  • Other characteristics:

    medical, aluminum


Body Material
ABS Countertop, And install SS304 fence in size 12.7mm.
Half ARC Blue Pillar in Aluminium Material, Delicate Appearance, Avoid collision, Heavy Loading, Wear Resistance, and Corrosion Resistance.
Lateral Plate in Aleolate bionic aluminum profile.

Damping Sliding Rail
Automatic return drawer with Damping sliding rail, Rail size is 12mm+12mm+15mm. No noise, Heavy loading.

Drawer & Dummy-plate
ABS Divider in the drawer, can make pill case in different sizes; The height of divider has two sizes: 5mm& 12.5mm.

Central Lock & Ancillary Facility
ABS Rail, Central Lock Flank, Mesh basket. Waste Bin in side, Easy to take out.

TPR Swivel Caster
TRP Caster, 50 degrees high elasticity, Indeciduous; Industrial Nylon Wheel, Rustless.