multi-function trolley / emergency / anesthesia / surgical



  • Applications:

    multi-function, emergency, anesthesia, surgical

  • Use:

    for surgical instruments, oxygen cylinder, for pill box, for medicine, for laboratory material

  • Components:

    2-drawer, 1-shelf, with tray, with waste bin, 2-door, with oxygen cylinder holder, with CPR board, with side bin

  • Other characteristics:

    medical, secure, aluminum


#Emergency Trolley# / #Factory of Emergency Trolley#

HESOURCE Emergency Trolley is made by high quality ABS material, the body of Emergency trolley is Aluminum Material. Emergency trolley has TPR Casters, 50 degrees high elasticity.

Part No: HS-D-04

1: Emergency Trolley Size: 630 X 470 X 910mm
2: Service Platform with Non-Slip MAT. Service Platform size: 695 X 485mm
3: With One CPR BOARD.
4: With oxygen cylinder holder.
5: With Defibrillator shelf.
6: Two drawers with automatic shutting system. One is 7CM, inside height is 5CM; another one 14CM, inside height is 12.5CM height.
7: Two doors – Closed structure. Enough room to put big appliance.
8: With Stainless handrail, With Central Lock, With IV pole, With Wire Basket, with pillbox, with waste bin, With Sharps Box.