video corpo

fluoroscopy system / digital / for interventional fluoroscopy / with floor-mounted C-arm
BRANSIST alexa F12/C12



  • System type:

    fluoroscopy system

  • Technology:


  • Application:

    for interventional fluoroscopy

  • Features:

    with floor-mounted C-arm, with tilting table


The BRANSIST alexa combines technical excellence with aesthetic brilliance. The device is fitted with 12x12-inch field size FPD for full body monitoring. It has a six-axis triple pivot construction for covering the whole body. The system is equipped with a ¬flat panel detector (FPD) useful during cardiovascular and angiographic procedures. The field size can be determined according to need, with the maximum at 12x12 inches. The device is fitted with intelligent technologies that mitigates the harmful exposure to X-rays from affecting the patient. There are several tube focal points in the system and when one fails during the procedure, another immediately takes its place.