resuscitation ventilator / infant / CPAP
SLE1000-Servo Controlled

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resuscitation ventilator / infant / CPAP resuscitation ventilator / infant / CPAP - SLE1000-Servo Controlled


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Unlike conventional CPAP drivers, where the carer has to monitor the pressure and continuously adjust the flow to compensate for leaks or movement, the SLE1000 allows the carer to set the desired pressure, and intelligent software continuously adapts the flow to maintain this pressure.

This servo-controlled flow helps with the elimination of over and under- pressure conditions caused by leaks and baby movement and means that the baby is more effectively supported.

The addition of a ‘boost’ button also allows for extra control during CPAP. Pushing the boost button gives an additional 3 mbar of pressure (~ 3 l/ min of flow) and can be used to aid alveolar recruitment or to stimulate an apnoeic baby.