electronic ventilator / intensive care / infant / non-invasive



  • Type:


  • Applications:

    intensive care

  • Patient type:


  • Ventilation mode:

    non-invasive, high-frequency oscillation

  • Other characteristics:

    with touch screen


The SLE6000 has been designed to enable you to ventilate the critically ill
infant as easily as possible. The ventilator’s range of modes, functions and options and our support enable you to meet their unique physiological and developmental needs, for precise specialised treatment.

The SLE6000 is SLE’s most versatile ventilator. Its modular design means that you can customise it to suit your patients.

Add single-tube NIV modes, HFOV, VTV, SpO2 , etCO2 and Auto O2 to suit your way of working.
SLE specialises in infant ventilation and as with all of our ventilators the SLE6000 is optimised for the smallest of patients. Rest assured that the SLE6000 will keep pace with the ever changing needs of babies - whilst being safe, reliable and easy to use.

The SLE6000 sees the introduction of a new Lunar™ interface, which incorporates a low-glare screen (in keeping with the increased emphasis on developmental care) whilst setting a new benchmark in usability.
✔ Ventilate patients up to 30 kg
✔ Unique Lunar™ interface
✔ Sharp 12.1’’ colour LED touch-screen
✔ V/P, F/P, F/V loops available
✔ Compact, single-box design
✔ 3+ hour battery life (in all modes)
✔ 14 day data trending – 20 parameters
✔ Screen capture
✔ Proximal flow sensor
✔ Flow and pressure breath detection
✔ Nebuliser interface
✔ Connectors: RS232, VGA, USB, Ethernet