CPAP mask / artificial ventilation / nasal



  • Applications:

    CPAP, artificial ventilation

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Nasal CPAP for treating babies has developed a great deal in the past 20 years with many devices now being available. The SLE1000 nCPAP Generator builds on the experience of the past to allow caregivers a cost-effective solution for supporting premature and sick babies.

The SLE1000 nCPAP Generator technology has been tested with a variety of drivers, including SLE’s own SLE1000 nCPAP Driver, the Aladdin/Arabella, Fabian DuoPAP, Infant FlowTM Advance and Infant FlowTM SiPAP. The SLE1000 nCPAP Generator is also compatible with the SLE6000 ventilator in single-limb nCPAP mode.