DICOM viewing software / diagnostic / for PACS / universal
MedDream WEB DICOM Viewer



  • Function:

    DICOM viewing, diagnostic

  • Application domain:

    for PACS, universal

  • Medical establishment:

    hospital, medical

  • Other characteristics:

    web-based, for tablet PC, for smartphones


The MedDream DICOM Viewer ensures a prompt and reliable way to search, view, analyze and diagnose medical images, signals and video files from anywhere and on any device. Web-based DICOM Viewer is developed using responsive design, that enables medical images to be accessed not only on computers, but also on tablets, smart phones or other devices with mobile view functionality.

MedDream is FDA cleared for diagnostic use and is CE Class IIa certified as a medical device that can be used for review purposes or even primary diagnosis. Read more about MedDream certifications.

As a diagnostic image viewer, MedDream consists of a Viewer component, which runs in a browser and does not require any installation on the client device, and a MedDream application server, which handles communication with the hospital systems (HIS/RIS/PACS and any other EMR) and prepares images for streaming to the MedDream DICOM Viewer.

MedDream uses a flexible and open integration interface for connecting to HIS and/or EMR systems primarily based on URL calls, thus allowing it to be integrated into any medical application.

The MedDream application server connectivity to the PACS can be achieved using:

WADO RESTful services;
DICOM Q/R on Study Level;
Direct access to the file system and database;
Gateway PACS plugins.

Integration of the web DICOM Viewer:

Integration into HIS. Flexible and open integration interface (MedDream can be integrated into any medical application);
Multi-language support.
Online demonstration of integration methods:

study search: search window;
by study UID: 1.2.840.113619.;
by patient UID: 001;