prolapse reconstruction mesh / colpocele / cystocele / rectocele
PRO-SWING® Sacrocolpexy kit



  • Mesh type:


  • Type of prolapse:

    colpocele, cystocele, rectocele

  • Surgical technique:

    laparoscopic approach

  • Patient type:



- Easy handling
- Not damaged by sutures or tacks
- Shape memory
- Macroscopic structure for quick optimal tissue ingrowth
- PS4 : Light weight polypropylene monofilament
- PS2 : Polyester multifilaments (polyethylene terephtalate) PET prosthesis.
- PS4 : Light polypropylene monofilament (PP) prosthesis.
- Openwork knit with locked rectangular stitches
Kit includes :
- a back band to be fixed to levators to stop rectocele
- a front band for cystocele cure
- a band for incontinence cure (Burch type).
- Precut prosthesis for promontofixation by laparoscopic approach.