reporting software module / sharing / control / laboratory



  • Function:

    reporting, sharing, control

  • Medical establishment:



With an intuitive, customizable touchscreen interface, TouchTools makes it easy to program and execute your specific laboratory workflows. Every aspect of the interface has been designed to simplify interaction, help avoid potential errors, optimize instrument uptime, and boost productivity.

Benefits every step of the way — from setup to reporting.
Flexible and customizable, TouchTools is the ideal interface for the unique applications and processes in your lab.
User interface creation Intuitive default controls and fully customizable options.Quickly create interfaces using TouchTools standard features like easy variable entry, or build completely customized interfaces like the Nucleic Acid Purification Wizard.
Daily maintenance Easy to execute maintenance feature.Get more consistent operation and results by giving users easy-to-follow maintenance instructions tailored to your instrument.
Assay setup Embed standard operating procedures or step-by-step instructions directly in every run.On-screen guides that can dynamically adjust to user input, simplify the setup process and replace inefficient paper-based instruction binders.