management software / access control / for sample tracking / laboratory
Freedom EVOware®



  • Function:

    management, access control, for sample tracking

  • Application domain:



Operation is straightforward; the intuitive Freedom EVOware® user interface optimally combines pipetting, robotics and scheduling of multiple devices in a single package.

The software uses icon-driven, drag and drop implementation screens to guide protocol development for users at any skill level.

It comes with helpful information pads, application templates, creation wizards and three dimensional protocol simulation.

The power is in your hands!
Freedom EVOware is the driving force behind every application and lets you easily implement methods with an innovative, drag-and-drop graphical user interface (GUI). Built-in sample tracking, audit trails and user access control helps you to ensure process integrity. Freedom EVOware’s built-in dynamic scheduler optimizes your throughput under varying workloads while ensuring consistent processing. Automated plate and tip handling increase walk-away time and system storage capacity. The open architectures lets you add software elements as needed for expanded functionality, thus protecting your investment.

Process Security
You can be sure you know what’s happening to your samples with Freedom EVOware’s process security features.The built-in sample tracking module tracks and reports on samples for simplified LIMS integration and password protection, audit trails and checksums help to detect and prevent unauthorized access.