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automated molecular imaging system / for Western blot / for gel documentation / fluorescence
ChemStudio PLUS



  • Operation:


  • Applications:

    for Western blot, for gel documentation

  • Observation technique:

    fluorescence, chemiluminescence

  • Other characteristics:

    with CCD camera


UVP ChemStudio PLUS is designed with automated software controls to simplify gel and blot imaging. This powerful system offers a complete solution for publication quality images. Select from high resolution, high sensitivity CCD cameras depending on your imaging applications. For example, the MegaCam 815 camera with dynamic 8.1 megapixel high resolution and high sensitivity capabilities captures fluorescent gel images and low-light chemiluminescent western blots. Select the UVP ChemStudio PLUS 315 for gel doc applications. This configuration is upgradeable for western blot imaging.