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X-ray superficial radiation therapy system / skin cancer treatment / mobile



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    skin cancer treatment

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The Xstrahl 150 X-ray system is designed to treat skin cancers such as basal or squamous cell carcinomas. It provides for and it is recommended that it be installed in an office or suite via mounting on the floor or a ceiling stand. Easy to use and move around, it allows for quick adjustments and positioning by the radiation therapist leading to better comfort for your patients. The Xstrahl 150 X-Ray system will also aid in improving or alleviating dermatological issues like psoriasis, keloid scars and other skin disorders. This high energy unit is ideal for radiology and radiotherapy offices. It includes a tube voltage of 10-150 kV, a tube current of 0-30 mA, a maximum HVL of 8 mm Al and a maximum power output of 3kw.