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X-ray superficial radiation therapy system / skin cancer treatment / floor-mounted



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  • Applications:

    skin cancer treatment

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The Xstrahl 200 is a popular X-ray model that can be used when reviewing skin lesions and getting orthovoltage therapy procedures ready. This can work with a floor or ceiling mounted setup and can work with superficial therapy treatments. It can identify and take care of patients with basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma, keloid scars, psoriasis, benign plaques, Peyronie's disease and various degenerative or inflammatory disorders wtihin the body. It uses tubes with 20 - 200 kV voltage levels and 0 - 30 mA currents that can work at up to 3 kW in power at their most intense. The features in this X-ray make it a more versatile and useful product than what you would get from the Xstrahl 150.