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X-ray superficial radiation therapy system / skin cancer treatment / floor-mounted
Xstrahl 300



  • Type of treatment:


  • Applications:

    skin cancer treatment

  • Ergonomics:



An Orthovoltage unit is the ideal solution for treating boney metastases and benign applications and certain superficial conditions like Squamous cell carcinoma, Keloid scars, Basal cell carcinoma and a number of dermatological conditions. The Xstrahl 300 is an intelligent X-Ray therapy system that offers the user maximum comfort for the patient and application convenience for the technician.

The device is also perfect for administering palliative care to patients suffering from small cell lung cancer patients. The beauty of this ceiling mounted version is that it can be moved around easily, so if the room has to be used for other clinical procedures, it can be taken away from the room.