foot phalange bone staple / small bone fragment / forefoot / interphalangeal foot joint arthrodesis



  • Applications:

    foot phalange, small bone fragment, forefoot, interphalangeal foot joint arthrodesis, Akin osteotomy, tibio-talo-calcaneal arthrodesis

  • Resorbability:



Z-Staples are single-use „all in one“ implants with integrated breakable handle (single use / SnapOff). The inside of the handle features an integrated drilling gauge. Furthermore the proximal end of the handle also serves as striking surface for the Z-Staple. The product is individually sterile packaged. Z-Staples are available in three different sizes "Mini" , "Medium " and " Large". A variety of indications can be covered.

Product characteristic:
- 42 types of staples for a variety of indications in the sector of hand and foot surgery
- Ready for Surgery! Implant + two Z-Guide wires
- Z-Staples and Z-Guide wires are single sterile packaged
- Z-Staples create their compression by the exact positioning of the holes combined with the geometry of the legs
- Generation of targeted compression in the cortex, where the forces can be transmitted through the bone structure
- No movement of staple through anchoring in the Cortex
- No cooling or heating required

Indication "Z-Staple Mini":
Osteotomy // fractures (foot and hand // AKIN // PIP/ DIP arthrodesis // fixation of small tendons, small ligaments // epiphysal correction // soft tissue fixation

Approval "Z-Staple Mini":
ECC 93/42 // 510(k)