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document management software / sharing / recording / capture
document management software

... into the ELN. The easy-to-use interface is similar to standard Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. COLLECT IMPORTANT SAMPLE DATA Capture and import data from complex and simple analytical instruments (e.g. serial and TCP/IP ...

analysis software / acquisition / scan / for radiation therapy
analysis software
myQA Accept®

... Secure: Benchmark your scans anonymously in the myQA Cloud with scans from peers around the worldAil Connected: Connect your scan data and use them as your individual"gold standard" reference e.g. for your Machine QA

scan software / dental
scan software

Imagine you could offer your patients restorations in one visit- with all common materials. What if you could also offer implant and orthodontic services? What opportunities would you open up for your practice? Efficiency, greater value ...

data logging software / management / visualization / diagnostic
data logging software

IMPORT RECORDSThe software allows you to easily import your photographs and x-rays.You will be able to work with the photographs in detail, thanks to the rotation and scaling tools.+FACIAL ANALYSISNemoCeph allows you ...

dental implantology software / treatment plan evaluation / treatment planning / analysis
dental implantology software


planning software / data management / diagnostic / treatment
planning software

WAVE GOODBYE TO PLASTER With NemoCast 3D all models will be digitally stored, with all the benefits that involves. The program enables you to view the models in a convenient way for the orthodontist and patient: side, frontal, occlusal ...

preoperative planning software / diagnostic / for dental prosthesis design / treatment
preoperative planning software

Volume Orientation The volume orientation is achieved automatically by entering key measurements of the clinical exploration: average maxillar line, canine border, yaw and real vertical profile. The mandibular rim is used as clinical ...

communication software / document management / recording / data management
communication software

AGENDA Fully configurable, practical, simple and highly visual. +ODONTOGRAM 4 phases distinguished by colours: diagnostics, quotation, treatment plan and finalisation of the treatment. +ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT AND ACCOUNTS Payment, ...

image analysis software / data management / patient data management / patient report management
image analysis software

DermEngine is a convenient and secure dermatology platform available anytime, anywhere. Compatible with numerous devices (smartphones, tablets, computers) dermatoscopes and several cameras, it allows health professionals and institutions ...

capture software / visualization / data management / for endoscopy
capture software
Image and Data Software

... offering of standard examination and diagnosis templates Full video capture capability Statistical analysis Image measurement and annotation Software includes: capture ...

management software / image capture / dermatology
management software
PhotoMAX 4.0

Software to be used for any Digital Skin Images The innovative and complete dermatology solution for office based physicians. PhotoMAX can be used with all DermLite devices with photo option and Heine Delta 20 as well ...

CAD software / 3D viewing / scan / dental laboratory
CAD software
Renishaw Dental Studio

... fit.The RDS package includes advanced CAD software with a variety of design modules developed by technicians, as well as the ability to see photorealistic images of designs with TruSmile™ image rendering software. ...

data management software / capture / for ECG / EMG
data management software

ConsensysPRO software is the most advanced version of Consensys V1.1.0. It is designed for adaptive human data collection in the field, large scale repeatable trials and general multi sensor management. The new software ...

image analysis software / patient data management / visualization / monitoring
image analysis software
Amolab Suite

Amolab Suite by Amolab, is an user-friendly software application allowing the real time visualization and the monitoring of fetal progress in the birth canal. Amolab Suite is a user-friendly software ...

image analysis software / management / control / measurement
image analysis software

MultiWave is an intuitive user interface with user-friendly command and dialog boxes. In MultiWave, the user settings are selectable and customizable . (user interface, saving and printing modes, measurements and calculations, scanning ...

skin diagnosis software / for archiving / image capture / dermatology
skin diagnosis software
microDERM Wireless

Image documentation easy and wireless The new generation of microDERM software also works wireless! Take advantage of the latest technology as a result of our many years of experience. Our microderm® wireless camera ...

acquisition software / for equipment control / image capture / merging
acquisition software

... go-to choice for image capture in microscopy. Built from the ground up, Ocular presents a clean interface that requires almost zero learning curve. The controls feel familiar. The performance is responsive. Employ an ...

diagnostic software / planning / measurement / scan
diagnostic software
BTI Scan® II

BTI-Scan software is a tool for the diagnosis and digital planning of the treatments for implantological surgeries that helps us to decide the location and type of implant we are going to use, as well as to determine ...

viewer software / measurement / image capture / virtual microscopy
viewer software

The main software part of the virtual microscope is Pannoramic Viewer which not only enables you to view the sample but also to make annotations, measurements etc. Its functionality can be easily expanded through ...

scan software / CAD / dental
scan software

ScanApp ScanApp brings you all new look and refined features that let you do scanning in ways that are simple, smart and intuitive.

validation software / capture / blood bank / web-based
validation software

Introducing ImmuLINK, a new software suite designed specifically for transfusion medicine. ImmuLINK | manage provides the capability to network your instruments, results, and LIS connectivity through a single user interface, ...

dental prosthesis design software / capture / dental
dental prosthesis design software
FastDesign™ Software

... Scanning Protocol IOS FastDesign™ requires only the minimum of scanned images from your open scanner to capture the patient’s details. Scan and capture the preparation's marginal details ...

medical imaging software / sharing / image capture / multimedia
medical imaging software

ImagingImage-enabled workflows across the continuum should be the standard, not the exception.Capture, store, access and share imaging data and multimedia across the ecosystem.When data, images and content are available ...

oncology software / visualization / diagnostic / sharing
oncology software
PowerChart Oncology™

Cerner is focused on the person, capturing meaningful data to help drive personalized cancer care for our communities. Our oncology solution is integrated into the existing Millennium EHR which enhances the single patient health record ...

capture software / recording / verification / phlebology
capture software
Donor Doc Phlebotomy™

... electronic blood draw data software designed to guide the phlebotomist through, and capture information during, the collection process to improve compliance, enhance efficiencies, and help reduce errors. ...

analysis software / visualization / for archiving / image capture
analysis software
NIS-Elements Ar

... imaging software solution covering image capture, archiving, and analysis. NIS-Elements AR was developed by Nikon for the most advanced levels of research—giving the user complete control of all microscope ...

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analysis software / data management / visualization / control
analysis software
NIS-Elements Br

... you still have access to advanced image capture, archiving, and analysis solutions that are easy-to-use and provide maximum workflow. BR handles multi-dimensional imaging with ease, with support for capture, ...

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Nikon Instruments