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video Abbott Vascular XIENCE PRIME Everolimus
Drug eluting coronary stent (cobalt chromium) XIENCE PRIME Everolimus Abbott Vascular

Introducing XIENCE PRIME - The next generation in the XIENCE family engineered...

Abbott Vascular MULTI-LINK 8
Coronary stent (cobalt chromium) MULTI-LINK 8 Abbott Vascular

MULTI-LINK 8, our latest bare metal stent innovation in the clinically...

Coronary stent (cobalt chromium) MULTI-LINK MINI VISION Abbott Vascular

The MULTI-LINK MINI VISION Coronary Stent System is Abbott Vascular’s cobalt chromium stent for small vessels....

Abbott Vascular RX Herculink Elite
Renal stent (cobalt chromium) RX Herculink Elite Abbott Vascular

From Design to Outcomes - It’s about Control Introducing the RX Herculink Elite Renal Stent System,...

3 products Biotronik
Biotronik Orsiro
Drug eluting coronary stent (cobalt chromium) Orsiro Biotronik

Orsiro is a one of a kind solution for the treatment of coronary artery stenosis. It has a PROBIO passive coating which encloses the metal stent keeping it from interacting with the encompassing tissue...

Biotronik PRO-Kinetic Energy
Coronary stent with applicator (cobalt chromium) PRO-Kinetic Energy Biotronik

Thin struts of optimal radiopacity and radial strength are made possible with innovative alloy material and with struts of only 60 micron, you can expect nothing short of unmatched reliability and...

Biotronik PRO-Kinetic
Coronary stent with applicator (cobalt chromium) PRO-Kinetic Biotronik

Featuring state of the art design coupled with the power of innovative materials, The PRO-Kinetic is able to deliver unmatched performance in...

Meril Life Sciences BIOMIME
Drug eluting coronary stent (cobalt chromium) BIOMIME Meril Life Sciences

BioMime Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System is an ultra-low (65µm) thickness Cobalt Chromium (L605) DES. Its novel design incorporates an intelligent mix of open and closed cells allowing...

Meril Life Sciences NEXGEN™
Coronary stent (cobalt chromium) NEXGEN™ Meril Life Sciences

Coronary stenting is a key component of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), even with the advantage of lower restenosis with drug-eluting stents. The overall safer profile of the bare-metal stents...

Coronary stent (cobalt chromium) CRONUS PLUS SCITECH Medical

Cronus Plus is a coronary stent of Cobalt-Chromium (CoCr) of Scitech. The CoCr alloy allowed the development of thinner-strut stents, reducing the...

2 products Eurocor
Eurocor MAGICAL®
Drug eluting coronary stent (cobalt chromium) MAGICAL® Eurocor

MAGICAL® is a safe option to significantly enhance the long-term quality of patient treatment. The MAGICAL® stent deployment is supported by a short-term drug elution to the stented arterial...

Eurocor Genius MAGIC
Coronary stent (cobalt chromium) Genius MAGIC Eurocor

Genius MAGIC Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent System Genius MAGIC represents the latest- State of the Art- cobalt chromium coronary stent technology. Based on the bioflexible stenting concept, Genius...

2 products Cardionovum
Cardionovum Precision CSS
Coronary stent (cobalt chromium) Precision CSS Cardionovum

The new pro healing PRECISION coronary stent system is designed for minimized metal stenting. It is the next generation of cobalt chromium coronary stenting. It minimizes vessel trauma due...

Cardionovum Xlimus DES
Drug eluting coronary stent (cobalt chromium) Xlimus DES Cardionovum

Treat complex coronary artery issues with XLIMUS, the best coronary DES stent sysetm for treating complex coronary artery disease. It...

InSitu Technologies
Coronary stent (cobalt chromium) InSitu Technologies

The Direct-Stent Cobalt Chromium has emerged as a champion with its durable, flexible stent design with the proven Direct-Stent platform. The device features. The Cobalt Chromium supports the interventionists...

1 products iVascular
iVascular architect
Coronary stent (cobalt chromium) architect iVascular

The CoCr coronary stent system offers outstanding deliverability and artery scaffolding. It features an open-cell design and comes supplied as pre-mounted on a rapid Exchange catheter (RX). This is utilized...

1 products Atrium
Atrium Cinatra™
Coronary stent with applicator (cobalt chromium) Cinatra™ Atrium

Cinatra™ is a world-class cobalt-chromium stent platform with narrow struts and unique cell geometry. Utilizing proprietary crimping technology,...

3 products Rontis Medical
2 products Endocor GmbH
Endocor GmbH PRODIGY™
Drug eluting coronary stent with applicator (cobalt chromium) PRODIGY™ Endocor GmbH

The PRODIGY™ stent system combines a laser cut Cobalt-Chromium stent, flexible balloon catheter, biostable drug carrying polymer and a proven drug to create an intuitive and effective drug delivery...

Coronary stent (cobalt chromium) CONSTELLATION™ Endocor GmbH

At the heart of the CONSTELLATION™ stent system is a multicellular Cobalt Chromium stent that offers strength, stability, and flexibility for treating the most difficult lesions. Stent Highlights •...

3 products Elixir Medical
1 products ALVIMEDICA
Coronary stent with applicator (cobalt chromium) Commander CoCr SDS ALVIMEDICA

Overview In addition to its hypo-tube, proximal shaft and distal shaft provides low friction that enhances trackability and pushability. Product information Material Advantage The advantage of the high...

2 products OrbusNeich
OrbusNeich GENOUS®
Antibody coated coronary stent (cobalt chromium) GENOUS® OrbusNeich

Healing Matters The Genous Bio-engineered Cobalt Chromium...

OrbusNeich AZULE
Coronary stent with applicator (cobalt chromium) AZULE OrbusNeich

Dual Helix when Design Matters The unique...

4 products CID
CID   Avantgarde
Drug eluting coronary stent with applicator (cobalt chromium) Avantgarde CID

The Avantgarde Coronary Stent is made of L605 Cobalt Chromium alloy with an f Carbofilm strut...

Coronary stent (cobalt chromium) CHRONO CID

These stents come with extremely thin struts and a low crossing profile to provide...

CID   Inperia Advance
Peripheral stent with applicator (cobalt chromium) Inperia Advance CID

This stent has an innovative, bionducer surface. It has a newly engineered cobalt chrome strut design and is coated in carbofilm to provide an increased carbon...

CID   sthmus Logic
Peripheral stent with applicator (cobalt chromium) sthmus Logic CID

This stent has an innovative, bionducer surface. It is coated in carbofilm to provide an increased carbon density while reducing...

Japan Stent Technology   MOMO
Coronary stent (cobalt chromium) MOMO Japan Stent Technology

The product went on sale in Europe in February 2010 under the name “MOMO Coronary Stent System” after earning CE Marking certification in September 2009. Intended for use by patients with...

Degania Silicone Europe GmbH
Coronary stent (cobalt chromium) Degania Silicone Europe GmbH

Thin Extra thin Cobalt Chromium struts 73 |jm for uncompromising...

1 products Medinol
Coronary stent (cobalt chromium) PRESILLION Medinol

Features and Benefits Stent Flexibility Presillion’s ultra thin strut design is facilitated by the unique properties of its raw material – cobalt chromium. The fine-strut design allows for...

2 products Translumina
Drug eluting coronary stent with applicator (cobalt chromium) YUKON® CHROME DES Translumina

CoCr Coronary Stent System for Drug Application Translumina - The polymer-free DES solution • Polymer-Free Rapamycin-eluting...

Translumina YUKON® CC
Coronary stent (cobalt chromium) YUKON® CC Translumina

Cobalt Chromium Coronary Stent System Translumina - Crossing...

1 products Eucatech
Eucatech CCflexProActive
Drug eluting coronary stent (cobalt chromium) CCflexProActive Eucatech

The stent has many benefits. Because it is extremely thin with just 65 µm in size, it allows for maximum flexibility that could adapt well to the vessel. Its surface is also smooth and hemodynamic...

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