transport stretcher trolley / transfer / pneumatic / with adjustable backrest
transport stretcher trolley

... 8mm ABS mattress platform • Anti-static castor • Easy transfer • Lockable and tuck away side rails • Bumpers • Flexible Wall protect tapes • S.S. Serum holder with height adjustable • Locking transfer system

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transfer stretcher trolley / manual / Trendelenburg / reclining
transfer stretcher trolley

Stainless steel two trolleys for sterilized area and general purpose Sliding top platform Trendelenburg adjustment 200 mm, 360° sqivel castors with central locking system Plastic protection rails Oxygen bottle holder and storage tray

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transfer stretcher trolley / pneumatic / Trendelenburg / height-adjustable
transfer stretcher trolley
31209 T

Product Specification Construction : made of steel pipes. Mattress : made of foam and imitation leather and the platform is made of electro galvanized steel sheet, perforated with emboss style. Sideguard : made of ABS plastic with ...

transfer stretcher trolley / Trendelenburg / 1 section
transfer stretcher trolley

... consists of 1 steril area, 1general purpose stretcher and 1 unit sliding upper platform. At transfer point, two stretcher becomes together, locked to one another and patient is transferred. ...

transfer stretcher trolley / pneumatic / manual / stainless steel
transfer stretcher trolley

Heavy duty stainless steel frame. Rotating connecting lever for secure transition. Receptions for IV pole - 8 elastic bumpers. Sleeping surface made of perforated steel sheet /radio translucent H.P.L. Stainless steel telescopic side rails. Castors ...

transport stretcher trolley / transfer / folding
transport stretcher trolley

• Consists of two lower and one upper trolleys • Folding metal side handrails • 125 mm diameter central locking castors • Electrostatic powder coat

transport stretcher trolley / transfer / 1 section
transport stretcher trolley
030-2000, 030-2020

Trolley for transfer of stretchers Chromium-plated tubular steel support with chromium-plated wire basket. Castors Four easy-roll castors, two with brakes and one fixed. Dimensions ...

transport stretcher trolley / emergency / transfer / manual
transport stretcher trolley
MOBI Pro X-Frame

... Pro X-Frame Stretcher is designed to meet the demands of EMS professionals and healthccare professionals alike. The reliable, x-frame construction is designed for extra stability and safety for patient transport and inner ...

transfer stretcher trolley / manual / 2 sections
transfer stretcher trolley

... official carrying capacity. Only one person can load and unload the stretcher with patient in the ambulance. Upper part is detachable so that it can also be used as a hospital stretcher. Head ...

emergency stretcher trolley / transfer / manual / stainless steel
emergency stretcher trolley

... of Stainless steel is 1.0mm. To show the Robustness of the design. 2. Aluminum Wheels, same as Motor. More Loading. 3. Stretcher is made of excellent stainless steel. Flat, Breathable. 4. The spring of guardrail for ...

transfer stretcher trolley / hydraulic / height-adjustable / 4 sections
transfer stretcher trolley

... It has protections in the 4 corners of the stretcher that absorb shock. Facilitates the patient transfer system thanks to its height adjustment and the folded railings are below the bed of the stretcher. Trend ...

transfer stretcher trolley / emergency / manual / height-adjustable
transfer stretcher trolley

... H 53-90 cm RELIABLE COMPLETE ERGONOMIC Specialized stretcher proyected and realized for specif needs of hospital emergency room. The adjustable height makes easier and faster patient's transfer from ...

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transport stretcher trolley / transfer / manual / with adjustable backrest
transport stretcher trolley
SM 9041 A

Transfer trolleys with and without a side guard. Come with a mattress and the possibility to adjust the overall height and the head part.

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Shima Prima Utama
transport stretcher trolley / emergency / transfer / hydraulic
transport stretcher trolley

• The main frame isautomaticalty pressed and casted by high quality cold rolled profile steel,strong and nice in appearance: • The surface and side rails are shaped by imported ABS materials,strong and beautiful: • The bed surface is ...

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Ningbo Shuaner Medical Equipment
emergency stretcher trolley / transfer / hydraulic / height-adjustable
emergency stretcher trolley
PSI Durus

... smooth movement of the patient. Fully Stainless Steel sturdy construction. Ensures fast & safe shifting & transfer of patients. Radio lucent stretcher surface enables X Ray imaging. Offers Multipurpose ...

transfer stretcher trolley / manual / ergonomic / 2 sections
transfer stretcher trolley

Aydın’s stretchers are designed for quick and effective patient transport. They offer cost-effective solution for hospitals. Ergonomic push handles enable the caregivers’ to manoeuvre easly. They offer optimum safety ...