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A wheelchair is a manual or electric mobility aid which facilitates the transport of persons in a seated position.


These devices are found in hospitals, retirement homes, rehabilitation centers and similar settings to facilitate the movement of patients who are weak or with limited mobility. Those with long-term mobility loss also use them to move about.


Manual models are the most common type for the simple transport of patients. Both manual and electric versions are used by those who need assistance moving around independently.

Chairs designed for specific situations include bariatric, amphibious and non-magnetic models, the last compatible with MRI systems. Headrests, footrests and other accessories may be added to improve user comfort. Folding versions require less storage space.

How to choose

Choice will depend on whether the chair will be used indoors, outdoors or over rough terrain. Patient height, weight and degree of mobility are also important factors, as well as the length of time the user will need the chair. Verify that there is enough space available for storage.

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3 products Thuasne
Drive Medical Europe 115 kg | XS2
Passive manual 115 kg | XS2 Drive Medical Europe

Drive’s new and improved XS Wheelchair uses a similar frame to the XSAWC Wheelchair but adds many new features. The chair is now...

Drive Medical Europe 115 kg | Super Deluxe 2
Passive manual 115 kg | Super Deluxe 2 Drive Medical Europe

The new SD2 wheelchair has been upgraded in terms of features and design for replacing the older Super Deluxe Chair. Some of the most important and attractive features of the...

Drive Medical Europe 115 kg | LAWC007 / 8
Passive manual 115 kg | LAWC007 / 8 Drive Medical Europe

This wheel chair is made in aluminum making it very light. This wheelchair has all basic features of LAW range with additional quality of ergonomic design. Its frame is made in silver aluminum, and has...

Drive Medical Europe 115 kg | Spirit Enigma
Folding passive manual 115 kg | Spirit Enigma Drive Medical Europe

The new stylish Spirit wheelchair displays a aculptured frame compsoed of ligh weigh aluminium ensuring high responsiveness and durability. The wheelchair includes many features for optimal...

Drive Medical Europe 115 kg | Enigma K
Folding passive manual 115 kg | Enigma K Drive Medical Europe

Enigma K Chair is designed to better the lives of people by offering full control over it. The wheelchair is equipped with superior maneuverability that will...

Drive Medical Europe 125 kg | LAWC011A
Folding passive manual 125 kg | LAWC011A Drive Medical Europe

Ultra Lightweight Alu Self Propel 20" (LAWC011A) is the new range of ultra light weight aluminum wheelchairs. This wheelchair includes all the features of the LAW range with an additional focus...

65 products Invacare
new video Invacare Fox
Electric indoor/outdoor Fox Invacare

The new Invacare Fox is packed with innovations to make life more manageable for everyday power wheelchair users. Thanks to its modular, lightweight and compact design it offers excellent manoeuvrability...

new Invacare XLT Max
Active manual bariatric XLT Max Invacare

The new Invacare XLTMsx is a bariatric. rigid active wheelchair ideal tor day-to-day...

Invacare G50
Electric bariatric outdoor G50 Invacare

The Invacare® G50 offers outstanding mobility outdoors and perfect...

video Invacare Kite
Electric indoor/outdoor Kite Invacare

Experience the Kite--a blend of performance, driving comfort and compactness. Its Dual Swing Technology™...

Invacare FDX
Electric indoor/outdoor FDX Invacare

The new Invacare FDX is an attractive chair available for the active person which is a high-performance power chair, indoors and outside. It...

Invacare Storm4
Electric indoor/outdoor Storm4 Invacare

Power wheelchair is used by people of all ages with physical disability...

Otto Bock HealthCare Ventus
Active manual Ventus Otto Bock HealthCare

The Ventus is a rigid frame everyday wheelchair for users with a wide variety of backgrounds. It features high stiffness, a low net weight, reliability and durability in everyday use. Every Ventus...

video Otto Bock HealthCare Avantgarde CS
Folding active manual Avantgarde CS Otto Bock HealthCare

Comfort and outstanding operating performance make the Avantgarde CS an ideal means of transport for sporty...

Otto Bock HealthCare Avantgarde CLT
Folding active manual Avantgarde CLT Otto Bock HealthCare

The Avantgarde CLT, optimised for low weight using modular lightweight construction...

video Otto Bock HealthCare Avantgarde CV
Folding active manual Avantgarde CV Otto Bock HealthCare

Exemplary ergonomics and outstanding functionality define the Avantgarde CV. An...

Otto Bock HealthCare Wolturnus Tukan
Active manual Wolturnus Tukan Otto Bock HealthCare

The Tukan is a product featuring simplicity and the minimum use of materials. This results in a wheelchair with a light and elegant appearance as well as an inconspicuous frame, which is hardly visible...

Otto Bock HealthCare Wolturnus W5
Active manual Wolturnus W5 Otto Bock HealthCare

The ultralight W5 is the result of years of research and development. The tubes and components are precisely optimised in order to achieve the highest possible strength to weight ratio. Every frame is...

26 products Permobil
Permobil K300 PS JUNIOR
Electric pediatric K300 PS JUNIOR Permobil

The K300 PS Jr is a power wheelchair which has been created and designed specially for the growing generation.Though everything else has...

Permobil K450 MX
Electric pediatric K450 MX Permobil

The product K450 is a smart little child’s chair and can...

Electric pediatric KOALA MINIFLEX Permobil

This is smart little electric wheel chair which has been structured as live a wire as...

Permobil C300 CS
Electric indoor C300 CS Permobil

C300 is one of the latest additions in the world of wheelchairs that comes with high caliber performance and good sleek looks....

Permobil X850 CORPUS
Electric outdoor X850 CORPUS Permobil

The X850 is not a common wheelchair. On the contrary is a strong vehicle for cross country runs and roads. It is built and developed...

Permobil C300 CORPUS
Electric indoor/outdoor C300 CORPUS Permobil

This chair features a compact and flexible chassis and is ideal for use indoors....

2 products Hidemar
Hidemar H-115
Folding passive manual H-115 Hidemar

This wheel chair is a quick and easy to fold model. It offers a...

Hidemar H-515
Passive manual H-515 Hidemar

Exuding comfort, style and exquisite detailing, this wheelchair provides maximum protection to the user. Characterized by great strength and style, this wheelchair is used...

Orla Equipamientos Clínicos, S.L. SR.40.250G
Passive manual SR.40.250G Orla Equipamientos Clínicos, S.L.

The structure is made of chrome or epoxy covered stainless steel. It...

2 products RCN MEDIZIN
Nonmagnetic passive manual DR 100 MRT RCN MEDIZIN

100% Metal free wheel chair safest chair to be used in MRI or environments...

Nonmagnetic passive manual APC 100 MRT RCN MEDIZIN

This is a very uniquely designed wheelchair....

10 products Dyna Products BV
Dyna Products BV leg support
Universal legrest leg support Dyna Products BV

Leg support filled with polystyrene beads and...

Dyna Products BV
Reclining passive manual Dyna Products BV

Unique dynamic seating system DynaForm® for...

Dyna Products BV headrest
Universal headrest headrest Dyna Products BV

Headrest, padded, bendable. Height 110 mm....

Dyna Products BV 3d headrest
Universal headrest 3d headrest Dyna Products BV

The 3D headrest bracket makes it possible to adjust...

Dyna Products BV Max headrest
Universal headrest Max headrest Dyna Products BV

Max headrest. Padded. (480 x 280 mm.)....

Dyna Products BV leg support max
Universal legrest leg support max Dyna Products BV

Leg support Max Leg support Max calf rest, supplied with...

6 products Antano Group
video Antano Group Marty Joy
Electric stair climbing Marty Joy Antano Group

The Marty Joy wheelchair is used for...

Antano Group FG Fold & Go
Folding electric indoor/outdoor FG Fold & Go Antano Group

The FG Fold & Go is a lightweight, compact electronic wheelchair. It folds easily...

video Antano Group Marcus Joy
Electric indoor/outdoor Marcus Joy Antano Group

Marcus Joy is an electronic wheelchair that has adjustable postural positions. This product is both innovative and unique...

Antano Group Marcus Joy Easy
Electric indoor/outdoor Marcus Joy Easy Antano Group

MarcusJoy Easy, a name to reckon with in the multi-purpose tilting electronic wheelchair category is certainly designed to make the life...

new video Antano Group LG2004
Stair climbing system for LG2004 Antano Group

Known for its innovative technology and user-friendly aesthetic, the stairlift LG2004 has been improved by...

new Antano Group LG2030
Stair climbing system for LG2030 Antano Group

For both spiral and straight stairs, the LG2030 proves itself an excellent solution. It offers users...

16 products PROGEO
Folding passive manual pediatric JUNIOR LIGHT PROGEO

The Junior is a new model of light wheelchair for the evolution age that, in...

Folding active manual JOKER PROGEO

The Joker wheelchair has a rigid frame wheelchair made with ultra light aluminium alloy or carbon fibre elliptical frame tubes. Its maneuverability and lightness are...

Folding active manual EXELLE PROGEO

The Exelle product is one of the first wheelchairs born from PROGEO active design and is still current for its harmonious shapes and proved both resistance...

Folding active manual pediatric EXELLE JUNIOR PROGEO

The EXELLE JUNIOR by PROGEO is a sturdy, full-featured wheelchair clearly designed with children in...

Folding active manual EXELLE VARIO PROGEO

The PROGEO Exelle Vario is an ultra-light wheelchair with cross brace folding system for...

Electric indoor/outdoor VARIOTRONIC PROGEO

Variotronic can be utilized as a manual ultra light wheelchair , or as a powered wheelchair with the easy...

8 products Chinesport
Chinesport 01625
Passive manual 01625 Chinesport

Self-propelling folding wheelchair. Stabilized varnished steel tube frame. Nylon seat and backrest,...

Chinesport AP00001 - ELBA
Passive manual AP00001 - ELBA Chinesport

This wheelchair is used to move patients around the hospital after their admission, its used also in the emergency department to transport patients to wards and within wards. Anti-scratch...

Chinesport 01982
Passive manual 01982 Chinesport

Lightweight self-propelled folding wheelchair with painted aluminium frame. Double-cross reinforced structure to ensure maximum stability. Padded...

Chinesport XPB903 - BASCULA 300
Reclining passive manual XPB903 - BASCULA 300 Chinesport

Transfer wheelchair for indoor/outdoor use. Provided with two front swivel wheels, 20 cm ø, and two rear unidirectional wheels, 30 cm ø, with parking brakes. This tilt and recline wheelchair...

Chinesport 01624 - TRANSITO
Folding passive manual 01624 - TRANSITO Chinesport

Folding transit wheelchair. Stabilized varnished steel tube frame. Padded nylon seat and backrest,...

Chinesport 01178 - PRIMULA 94
Passive manual 01178 - PRIMULA 94 Chinesport

Self-propelling wheelchair. Chromed steel tube frame. Comfortable padding upholstered with wipe-clean leatherette. High variable-recline...

Hospimetal Ind. Met. de Equip. Hospitalares HM 2055
Folding passive manual HM 2055 Hospimetal Ind. Met. de Equip. Hospitalares

Foldable structure built of round steel tube - Seat and back...

Roma Medical Aids  No 1000
Passive manual No 1000 Roma Medical Aids

The Roma Self-Propelled Wheelchair features puncture-proof rear wheels, adjustable arm rests, a back that can be folded...

Roma Medical Aids  No 1710
Passive manual No 1710 Roma Medical Aids

No. 1710 model is a fully Reclinig Wheelchair with a 60cm self propelling spoke pneumatic rear wheels. The size of depth fully reclined...

Roma Medical Aids  No 1247
Folding passive manual No 1247 Roma Medical Aids

No. 1247: Roma Foldaway Attendant Wheelchair has strong aluminium frame. The size if depth without footrests is 62cm....

Roma Medical Aids  No 1330
Folding passive manual No 1330 Roma Medical Aids

No. 1330- Four Wheel chair has swing in/out detachable footrests...

Roma Medical Aids  No 1530BL
Folding passive manual No 1530BL Roma Medical Aids

Roma Lightweight Car Transit Wheelchair with Flip Up Detachable Arms, Swing In and Out Footrests and Fold Down Back is a medical rehabilitation equipment...

Roma Medical Aids  No 1823
Folding passive manual pediatric No 1823 Roma Medical Aids

No. 1823: Ambulance Chair is suitable for manoeuvring patients in a confined space. The size of length when folded flat...

GIRALDIN G. & C. 1379 BT
Folding passive manual 1379 BT GIRALDIN G. & C.

This folding wheelchair is made from sturdy and durable painted steel tubing and it functions on most terrains. The upholstered...

GIRALDIN G. & C. 1379 RT
Folding passive manual 1379 RT GIRALDIN G. & C.

This folding wheelchair is made from sturdy and durable painted steel tubing. It has a folding frame for easy...

GIRALDIN G. & C. 1379/5017
Folding passive manual 1379/5017 GIRALDIN G. & C.

This folding wheelchair is constructed from painted steel tubing and has a folding frame. It is stable to use on all kinds of terrain. The wheelchair has pull-out footrests, is reclining and...

GIRALDIN G. & C. 1379/3003
Folding passive manual 1379/3003 GIRALDIN G. & C.

This folding wheelchair is made from sturdy and durable painted steel tubing and it functions on most terrains. The upholstered...

GIRALDIN G. & C. 1379/3005
Folding passive manual 1379/3005 GIRALDIN G. & C.

This folding wheelchair is made from sturdy and durable painted steel tubing and it functions on most terrains. The upholstered...

GIRALDIN G. & C. 1379/NL
Folding passive manual 1379/NL GIRALDIN G. & C.

This folding wheelchair is made from sturdy and durable painted steel tubing and it functions on most terrains. The upholstered...

15 products etac
video etac Etac M100
Passive manual Etac M100 etac

ETAC M100TR Wheelchair ETAC M100TR wheelchair is designed for comfort, safety and easy handling. The padded seat and back support in combination with the multi adjustable foot supports ensure the best...

etac Etac Cross
Passive manual Etac Cross etac

The Cross folding wheelchair displays a rare blend of...

etac Etac M100 TR
Folding passive manual Etac M100 TR etac

M100TR wheelchair is planned such a way so that it can offer soothing, security and easy handling. The best stability is ensured by the combination of padded seat with back support...

etac Etac Transit III
Folding passive manual Etac Transit III etac

Etac Transit III wheelchair is designed for the convenience not only for the user but as well as for the helper. The frame’s double brace makes it easy...

etac Etac Cross XL
Folding passive manual bariatric Etac Cross XL etac

The Cross XL is a wheelchair that is available in different widths but boasts of being extra wide. It is capable to carry a user weighing...

etac Etac Act
Folding active manual Etac Act etac

The Etac Act is a rigid frame wheelchair made of titanium. The combination of comfort and easy maneuvering give the user the opportunity to...

Karma Medical Products Co., Ltd S-ERGO 125
Folding passive manual S-ERGO 125 Karma Medical Products Co., Ltd

S-Ergo system provides pressure relief, stabilization and reduced sliding. Flip-back armrest offers greater convenience....

Karma Medical Products Co., Ltd S-ERGO 305
Folding passive manual S-ERGO 305 Karma Medical Products Co., Ltd

S-Ergo system provides pressure relief, stabilization and anti-slippage AEGIS Microbe Shield permanently bonded Antimicrobial barrier...

Karma Medical Products Co., Ltd S-ERGO 115
Folding passive manual S-ERGO 115 Karma Medical Products Co., Ltd

Performance, style and comfort The unique S-Ergo seat has...

Karma Medical Products Co., Ltd S-ERGO 106
Folding passive manual S-ERGO 106 Karma Medical Products Co., Ltd

S-Ergo system provides pressure relief, stabilization and reduced sliding 3 levels of lean back supports (95°, 100° and 105°)  Extended armrest design...

Karma Medical Products Co., Ltd S-ERGO 105
Folding passive manual S-ERGO 105 Karma Medical Products Co., Ltd

S-Ergo system provides pressure relief, stabilization and reduced sliding Extended armrest design allows better seating space with a narrower total chair width...

Karma Medical Products Co., Ltd MVP502
Folding passive manual with headrest and legrest MVP502 Karma Medical Products Co., Ltd

New patented anti-sliding V-seating system Rigidifying push-bar (lateral support bar) Multi-functional ergonomic armrest Foldable and compact...

Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.  P102
Folding electric indoor/outdoor P102 Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.

Features Easily foldable battery bracket allows improved portabitily Lightweight and foldable for easy handing, storage...

Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.  P183/P184
Folding bariatric electric indoor/outdoor P183/P184 Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.

Features 4 poles motor and reinforced frame with double cross braces provide a good supporting for heavy users Folding battery...

Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.  P321
Portable electric indoor/outdoor P321 Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.

Features Max knock down parts less than 35lbs Super light and easy disassembly for carry,...

Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.  P314
Electric indoor/outdoor P314 Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.

Features A variation from P313 with four seatpost to provide extra support...

Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.  P720
Electric bariatric indoor/outdoor P720 Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.

Features Super Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair with unique and...

Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.  P326A
Electric with midwheel drive indoor/outdoor P326A Merits Health Products Co., Ltd.

Features Mid-wheel drive design delivers outstanding maneuverability in tight,compact spaces and a smooth and stable ride both indoors...

Minwa (Aust) Pty Ltd. MW6-01
Folding passive manual MW6-01 Minwa (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Features: Steel material finished by chrome-plating Seat...

Minwa (Aust) Pty Ltd. MW6-02
Folding passive manual MW6-02 Minwa (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Features: Steel material finished by chrome-plating Seat and...

Minwa (Aust) Pty Ltd. MW6-17E
Folding passive manual MW6-17E Minwa (Aust) Pty Ltd.

Features: Powder coated steel Soft...

36 products Vermeiren
Vermeiren 708 Delight
Folding passive manual 708 Delight Vermeiren

The 708 delight, from VERMEIREN, has removable or swing-back armrest. Besides that, the basic version is also equipped with front wheel fork adjustment. The...

Vermeiren 925
Folding passive manual pediatric 925 Vermeiren

The 925 is the best choice for wheelchairs for children. It is not only easy to use, it can also...

Vermeiren Eclips X4
Folding passive manual Eclips X4 Vermeiren

This wheelchair is made to provide maximum comfort to the user and an assistant, and can be adjusted in a number of ways. The seating height...

Vermeiren Eclips X4
Folding passive manual pediatric Eclips X4 Vermeiren

The Eclips X4 Electronic Wheelchair is the next generation of fully adjustable wheelchairs. This is an ideal wheelchair for children made of solid aluminum tubing able to resist small knocks. Special...

Vermeiren Eclips XXL
Passive manual bariatric Eclips XXL Vermeiren

Foldable wheelchair in aluminium with a double cross. The Eclips XXL brings...

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