medical autoclave / bench-top / compact / with steam generator



  • Application domain:


  • Configuration:

    bench-top, compact

  • Other characteristics:

    with steam generator, microprocessor-controlled, with vacuum cycle, with touchscreen

  • Temperature range:

    Max.: 138 °C (280.4 °F)

    Min.: 105 °C (221 °F)

  • Capacity:

    65 l, 90 l, 150 l (17.2 gal)


PROHS Round chamber sterilizer is envisioned for small health centers, allowing quicker sterilization cycles and requiring less installation space, for use where the sanitary barrier is not required.

Is available in three different volumes, 75L, 90L and 150L with semi-automatic door opening, integrated steam generator and user-friendly interface that allows the user to configure up to 20 cycles with pre and post vacuum.