Automatic thermosealers

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medical thermosealer / automatic
medical thermosealer
Vseal it

The only fully validatable medical pouch maker with CHEVRON SEAL for automatic production of sterilisable medical pouches starting from standard reels. Highly flexible and cost-effectiveness thanks to the possibility ...

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Gandus Saldatrici
thermowelder for the medical industry / automatic / with printer
thermowelder for the medical industry
850–V DC

... depending on the space available. A new model with advanced control and monitoring Safer and more convenient for the operator Automatic power on / off to reduce the consumption of the engine and to save energy Built-in ...

medical thermosealer / automatic
medical thermosealer

The Gemini™ is the easiest of the heat sealers to use because it requires no compressed air to operate. Its compact design creates optimal sealing at minimum heat levels. Benefits Temperature and time controls provide ...

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MTS Medication Technologies
microplate thermosealer / automatic / benchtop / with touchscreen
microplate thermosealer

... premier fully automatic thermal heat sealer for the lab with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It accommodates deep-well, assay, PCR, and compound storage microplates with a variety of seals for ...

blood bag tube thermosealer / automatic
blood bag tube thermosealer

... safe, quick, and strong welds keep a functionally closed system. The TSCD II is easy to use due to its good features like automatic wafer feed, LCD display, and data capabilities. The sturdy design and the durable clamp ...