Compact light sources

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headlamp light source / LED / compact
headlamp light source

Product Details Compact, efficient, durable sources of brilliant “daylight” quality light. Premium LLS-2000 utilizes new high efficiency design, with no change in form, generating ...

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Cuda Surgical
excitation light source / for fluorescence microscopes / LED / compact
excitation light source
X-Cite® 110LED

... Technologies is a compact, white light LED light source for fluorescence imaging applications. Providing excitation for DAPI, GFP, mCherry and Cy5 routine ...

endoscope light source / halogen / portable / compact
endoscope light source

This halogen light source (HLS-1500) is portable and provides outstanding viewing for endoscopic treatments. This small light source is developed keeping portability ...

endoscope light source / LED / compact
endoscope light source

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION & BENEFITS Operating Voltage : 100-240 V/AC, 50-60 Hz. Bright LED light LED operating life more than 50000 hours Cost effective product as it is using LED ...

endoscope light source / xenon / compact
endoscope light source

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endoscope light source / LED / compact / cold
endoscope light source

Envolite: Cold Endoscopic Light Projector with Advanced LED System This technology is far superior to the Halogen/ Xenon technology and the General LED technology. It is integrated with ...

Vis-NIR spectrometer light source / tungsten halogen / compact
Vis-NIR spectrometer light source

... complete Vis-NIR light source in the market integrating a Tungsten-Halogen lamp with manual intensity control, shutter, filter holder and SMA 905 connector. This compact ...

headlamp light source / LED / halogen / compact
headlamp light source

50-Watt LED Light Source Compact, Clear, White, and Bright A compact solid state LED that eliminates bulb changes and decreases intensity ...

endoscope light source / LED / compact
endoscope light source

... x 72 x 176 mm (WxHxD); 1,6 kg · Handpiece: length 120 mm; diameter 30 mm; 0,18 kg Delivery contains · Light source, mains cable, user manual, LED handpiece, stethoscope, footswitch (optional)

biomedical research illuminator / LED / compact / portable
biomedical research illuminator

FastGene® LED Illuminator: Strong Illuminator with LED technology for DNA/RNA visualisation in agarose gels. Compatible with regular DNA staining dyes, like Midori Green or Sybr stains. Nippon ...