management software / visualization / for dental imaging
management software
DentiMax Imaging

... practice management software. You won't have to deal with double-entry because our dental imaging software links or bridges with your practice management software. DentiMax ...

management software / for dental imaging / dental
management software

... Bridges Link patient information from your current practice management software to your DentiMax Imaging software with our bridge, included FREE with any DentiMax Imaging ...

3D viewing software / treatment planning / medical imaging / for radiation therapy
3D viewing software

CAT3D has a dosimetry for teletherapy is a image processing. This image processing module permit the generation of sagittal, coronal or arbitrary space orientated reconstruction and the dosimetry module generates the dose distribution ...

surgical navigation software / 3D viewing / for neuroimaging
surgical navigation software

... measures the 3D position of either alive or passive markers affixed to specific tools for surgical procedures. Tracker is a software system for frameless neuronavigation. The surgical volume could be created from sets ...

diagnostic software / visualization / medical imaging / web-based
diagnostic software
ECS View

... vizualisation software for diagnostic use with standard tools (windowing, measurements, MPR). It’s compatible with all graphics cards on the market. ECS View 3D is DICOM medical image ...

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data exchange software / sharing / management / medical imaging
data exchange software
ECS Transfer

... DICOM exchanges for all types of modalities. ECS Transfer enables the simple management of the exchange and provision of medical images for multi-site structures. The sites which produce the images can provide ...

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sharing software / visualization / medical imaging
sharing software

ECS Sharing enables the distribution and visualization of all of the medical images produced in a healthcare facility. Now your images can be accessed from all types of platform. Both within and outside of the healthcare ...

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dental imaging software
dental imaging software

Connects easily to any practice management software Image management Cutting edge crash proof software structure 16 bits dynamic range for B/W images 24 bits dynamic range for Color images Accepts all ...

data management software / billing / quality control / DICOM viewing
data management software

... point-of-care ultrasound systems with one software solution Streamline credentialing by reducing time spent on administration The SonoSite Synchronicity solution is scalable, from a single clinic to a whole hospital ...

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control software / radiology
control software

The optional Scatter Correction feature of the CXDI Control Software NE, sold separately, reduces the effect of scattered radiation for certain types of non-grid bedside examinations, allowing you to obtain images with ...

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Canon Medical System U.S.A
visualization software / treatment / for dental imaging / surgical
visualization software
Invivo™ 6

Award-Winning 3D Imaging Software for PC Invivo™ 6 is powerful, yet effortless, CBCT 3D imaging application specialized for implants, orthodontics, oral surgery, and restorative dentistry. ...

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KaVo Kerr Group
planning software / printing / medical imaging / preoperative
planning software

... CREATION FDA 510(K) clearance of D2P software for healthcare applications allows surgeons, radiologists, lab technicians and device designers to quickly create accurate, digital 3D anatomical models from medical ...

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3D Systems
import software / simulation / reporting / planning
import software
Pinnacle³ Syntegra

... multi-modality image registration for treatment planning integrated within Pinnacle. Syntegra multi-modality registration software shortens the radiation therapy planning cycle and results in more confident diagnoses.

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Philips Healthcare
visualization software / for anatomical imaging / for MRI / CT
visualization software
EnSite™ Verismo™

The EnSite Verismo Segmentation Tool is an easy-to-use, highly user friendly software, designed to provide a precise 3 Dimensional (3D) view of the cardiovascular structure. The Segmentation Tool converts standard CR ...

visualization software / for anatomical imaging / CT
visualization software

This function is for observing cross-sectional images of low-contrast regions, primarily tumor stains during procedures.

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Shimadzu Europe Medical Systems
analysis software / visualization / planning / design
analysis software

The first 3D solution for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) therapy SICAT Air is the first 3D solution to allow not only the analysis of the upper airway but also visualization and planning of the appliance-based treatment true to anatomy. ...

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Dentsply Sirona
analysis software / visualization / training / for dental imaging
analysis software

... Progeny Vantage® Digital Panoramic System. Vantage Trust goes beyond a one-time, in-office training session to support the clinical staff and ensure the Vantage® panoramic system is being used properly and effectively. Easy ...

simulation software / acquisition / planning / contour detection
simulation software

... and Planning Clarity’s hybrid imaging technology allows clinicians to add superior soft tissue visualization to their existing CT simulation without the extra cost and overhead of a dedicated MRI. Clarity hybrid imaging ...

management software / radiology / laboratory / for hospitals
management software

... environments and fully integratable with existing hospital IT solutions, enables care facilities to digitally archive their paper-based documentation such as diagnoses, modality print-outs, microfilms and clinical ...

analysis software / treatment / CT / server
analysis software

A complete patient quality assurance platform The Mobius3D® software platform includes integration modules for quality assurance (QA) of every patient plan, every plan delivery, and every patient cone-beam CT (CBCT). Mobius3D ...

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Varian Oncology
analysis software / reporting / test / scheduling
analysis software
myQA® Machines

... your individual needs Your complete Machine QA package! Offering a full coverage of tests related to dosimetry, safety, medical imaging, MC QA.… and more Generic tests & customizable protocols Full ...

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IBA Group
analysis software / visualization / CAD / inspection
analysis software

... system comes with our comprehensive, in-house developed 3D.SUITE software for reconstruction, inspection, visualization, and analysis of the internal object structure. Downloads: micro-CT software downloads 3D ...

reporting software / sharing / for communication / telediagnostic
reporting software

... technologies which enable, among others, sharing files and diagnostic images or generating detailed reports on the procedure. CGM CWT is the future of medicine that you can implement in your hospital today.

dental imaging software / 3D viewing / treatment / clinical
dental imaging software

... effortless 3D imaging application specialized in dental applications such as implantology, orthodontics, oral surgery, and restorative. Both versions offer fast and high quality rendering and visualization on Cone Beam ...

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Gendex Dental Systems
analysis software / reporting / planning / printing
analysis software

OnDemand3D is the powerful software for displaying, assessment, presentation and documentation of 3D volume data of a DVTs deviceThe 3D diagnostics master classHigh-performance viewing softwareExtensive implant databaseOnDemand3D™ ...

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visualization software / for mapping / for functional MRI / neurosurgery
visualization software
iPlan® BOLD

BOLD Mapping Software ANATOMICAL AND FUNCTIONAL INFORMATION iPlan® BOLD MRI Mapping enables quick visualization of motoric and speech areas based on functional MRI data ACCELERATED FUNCTIONAL PLANNING Functional ...

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analysis software / acquisition / medical imaging
analysis software

... initial software investment. Compatible with MetaMorph Software, allows for interchange of data within the full range of MetaMorph products. Basic fluorescence imaging allows ...

diagnostic software / for dental imaging
diagnostic software

Carestream Dentals imaging software serves as the control panel for all of our digital imaging systems. Its flexible user interface has been designed specifically for dental radiological ...

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Carestream Dental
3D viewing software / 3D simulation / anatomy / medical imaging
3D viewing software
Mimics inPrint

Easily go from scanto 3D model.Remove all guesswork from customised treatment and facilitate communication about treatment options. With Materialise Mimics inPrint, easily transform image data into accurate, virtual 3D models to develop ...

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