viewer software / image capture / for dental imaging / dental laboratory
viewer software
CA® SMART 2D version 4.0

The enhancements made to the CA® SMART 2D software in version 4.0 offer new possibilities for tooth movements in the CA® set-up technique. Thanks to the modified presentation of the different views it is possible to take ...

management software / for dental imaging
management software

... port.CAMREX Software creates a Patient Library where you can View, Print, and Save your images.Can be integrated with patient management software.Specifications:USB 1.1 or USB 2.0, Windows VISTA/ XP/ ...

image analysis software / quality control / test / medical imaging
image analysis software

AutoPIAAutoPIA (Automatic Phantom Image Analysis) is a software for automatic recognition and analysis of test images of objects (phantoms) used to evaluate image quality. AutoPIA is able to quickly provide reproducible ...

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