laboratory microscope / scanning probe / bench-top / compact
laboratory microscope
XploRA Nano

AFM-Raman for Physical and Chemical imaging Fully integrated system based on SmartSPM state of the art scanning probe microscope and XploRA Raman micro-spectrometer. Compact, fully automated and easy-to-use, the XploRA ...

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HORIBA Scientific
materials research microscope / optical / confocal laser scanning
materials research microscope
LSM 900

... and semiconductors. Extend your upright light microscope, ZEISS Axio Imager.Z2m or your inverted light microscope ZEISS Axio Observer 7, with a confocal scanning module. Combine all essential light microscopy ...

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Zeiss Microscopy
laboratory microscope / for life sciences applications / for research / SEM
laboratory microscope

SU7000: The Next-Generation FE-SEM The modern FE-SEM requires not only high performance but also a multitude of functionalities including wide-area observation, in-situ analysis, variable pressure, high-resolution imaging at low accelerating ...

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Hitachi High-Technologies
TEM microscope / laboratory / for research / floor-standing
TEM microscope

JEM-ARM300F GRAND ARM is an Atomic Resolution Electron Microscope offering a maximum accelerating voltage of 300 kV, and equipped with JEOL’s own Cs Correctors. This instrument guarantees an unprecedented STEM-HAADF image ...

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laboratory microscope / for biology / for research / AFM
laboratory microscope

The Asylum Research MFP-3D-BIO sets the standard for integrating AFM and optical microscopy for bioscience research. It is the only bio-AFM that makes no compromises to AFM imaging resolution, force measurement performance, ...

laboratory microscope / optical / monocular / LED
laboratory microscope

Powered by rechargeable batteries Eyepiece: WF10x/18mm, locked Tube: 45º inclined Head: fixed position Focussing: coarse focussing knobs with slip clutch and slide protection Nosepiece: triple Objectives: DIN ...

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laboratory microscope / scanning probe / 3D
laboratory microscope

The SPM-9700 is a scanning probe microscope that provides faster speeds, higher performance and a design that is user friendly. This microscope can scan sample surfaces by using a probe that is extremely ...

laboratory microscope / optical / multiphoton / motorized
laboratory microscope
Ultima 2Pplus

A Complete Optical Workstation for In Vivo Multiphoton Imaging With new advances in field of view, sensitivity, wavelength, and sample accommodation, the Ultima 2Pplus delivers an ideal combination of flexibility, resolution, imaging ...

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Bruker BioSpin
laboratory microscope / for research / FT-IR
laboratory microscope
Cary 610

The Cary 610 is a single point FTIR microscope, capable of mapping, while the Cary 620 is a Focal Plane Array (FPA) chemical imaging FTIR microscope. With the option to couple the microscope ...

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Agilent Technologies
organic microscope / for materials research / atomic force / high-resolution
organic microscope
Dimension FastScan®

The Dimension FastScan® from Bruker offers a high speed performance with high resolution images. It provides a fast imaging speed without losing optimal resolution. This assembly also premits upgraded force control with additional complexity ...

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Bruker Nano Surfaces
laboratory microscope / optical / TIRF / SIM
laboratory microscope

... resolution of conventional light microscopes, in multiple structured illumination modalities. Twice the Resolution of Conventional Optical Microscopes N-SIM doubles the resolution of conventional ...

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Nikon Instruments
research microscope / digital / desktop / phase contrast
research microscope
ImageXpress® Micro XLS

... widefield high-content imaging for fixed- or live-cell assays Our ImageXpress® Micro XLS System is a widefield automated microscope capable of fluorescent, transmitted light, and phase-contrast imaging of fixed- or live-cell ...

confocal microscope / for research / optical / TIRF
confocal microscope
Andor Dragonfly

The Dragonfly naturally benefits from Andor EMCCD and sCMOS technologies, with motorized optical zoom, the system delivers industry-leading signal to noise and image fidelity. Applications ranging from single molecule to live cell confocal, ...

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Andor Technology PLC 
laboratory microscope / clinical / for research / optical
laboratory microscope
EXC-500 series

ACCU-SCOPE's new EXC-500 Series offers best-in-class performance and value for clinical laboratory and research applications. The newly designed NIS optical system provides sharp, crisp images via Plan achromat or S-Plan APO objectives. ...

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Accu-Scope Inc. & Unitron
laboratory microscope / for biology / optical / compact
laboratory microscope

LS720 Microscope The LS720 offers a whole new world of automated microscopy. and Walk-Away Automation The powerful, new LS720 Microscope adds walk-away automation to the many features and high performance ...

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SECM microscope / laboratory / for research / bench-top
SECM microscope

... Electrochemical Probe Scanner for various investigations of electrochemical active surfaces. It belongs to the family of the scanning microscopes like AFM, STM or SECM. The system consists of three main units, a positioning ...

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research microscope / optical / bench-top / multiphoton
research microscope
Scientifica SliceScope Pro 1000

... 1000 A full electrophysiology system for dual or single patch clamp recording. This package consists of the SliceScope microscope, motorised XY translation stage, two PatchStar manipulators and adjustable Post & Platform ...

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laboratory microscope / for research / optical / bench-top
laboratory microscope

... consists of two independent microscopes. The wide-field half of the microscope consists of an Olympus vertical illuminator, Sutter Xenon arc lamp and camera mount to provide standard epifluorescence. ...

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Sutter Instrument
laboratory microscope / optical / binocular
laboratory microscope

A compound light microscope for use with the ParaLens Advance Microscope Accessory. Objectives not included.

laboratory microscope / for biology / multipurpose / for research
laboratory microscope
Panthera L

Eyepieces: UC-WF10X/22 Head: Binocular Siedentopf type 25° inclined, 360º swiveling with built-in Digital Smart CAM Objectives: Plan UC Achromat 4X up to 100X Nosepiece: quintuple / coded Stage: rackless mechanical stage Condenser: ...

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Motic Europe
veterinary laboratory microscope / optical / binocular
veterinary laboratory microscope

77001Desktop Binocular Stereo Microscope equips with universal support; researchers can observe in high resolution and three-dimension. NO. Products Name Products Detail 1 Eyepiece 10X Eyepieces, View ...

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RWD Life Science
laboratory microscope / clinical / optical / hand-held
laboratory microscope

Exceptional in vivo imaging Handheld confocal in vivo imaging for clinical, translational, preclinical and other research The hand-held FIVE2 (ViewnVivo) system is the latest generation of miniaturised confocal endomicroscopes. The ...

laboratory microscope / optical / bench-top / high-resolution
laboratory microscope

The DIGI-CHROM is the basis solution for the documentation of colored TLC plates. It is equipped with a high-resolution CMOS RGB camera. The CN-15 darkroom offers a large working space, shielded from environmental light, including white ...

laboratory microscope / education / clinical / optical
laboratory microscope
VanGuard 1109AML

VanGuard 1109AML Educational Microscope HeadMonocular TypeBrightfield Viewing Head45° Inclination; 360° Rotatable EyepiecesLocked-on 10X Widefield; 18mm F.D. Nosepiece3-Position with Positive Stops Objectives4X (0.10 ...

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VEE GEE Scientific
atomic force microscope / laboratory / bench-top / 3D
atomic force microscope

... operating system embedded Fast Ethernet connection with computer Multi-Function Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Lateral Force Microscope (LFM) Force Analysis: I-V Curve, I-Z Curve, Force ...

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Angstrom Advanced Inc.