atomic force microscope / laboratory / bench-top / 3D
atomic force microscope

... operating system embedded Fast Ethernet connection with computer Multi-Function Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Lateral Force Microscope (LFM) Force Analysis: I-V Curve, I-Z Curve, Force ...

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Angstrom Advanced Inc.
veterinary laboratory microscope / optical / binocular / Siedentopf type
veterinary laboratory microscope

A basic microscope with good optical quality at an affordable price Binocular head Siedentopf type, 30º Widefield eyepieces WF10x/18 mm Achromatic objectives 4x/0.1, 10x/0.25, 40x/0.65, 100x/1.25 oil Köhlersche illumination ...

laboratory microscope / optical / digital / fluorescence
laboratory microscope

... instrument for quantitative cell biology at single-molecule detection. Stimulated Emission Depletion (STED) is a powerful microscopy technique that allows for the observation of fluorescence structure with spatial ...

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forensic microscope / laboratory / inspection / optical
forensic microscope
Top-Eye Pro

... comparison of 3D images, recorded with 3D data stored in the databaseThe system is powered by MicrOptik proprietary 3D (DFD) microscopy technology, 3D Laser Topography,3D Ultra High resolution 3D Gyration scanning and ...

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Microptik BV
laboratory microscope / digital / bench-top / 3D
laboratory microscope

New Mounting System Fast and easy mounting of the camera using bayonet system with built in electrical connections for automatic lens and adapter selection, control of the rotation and more... without additional cables. Up to 100 frames/s Hirox’s ...

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Hirox Europe
laboratory microscope / FT-IR / bench-top / spectral
laboratory microscope

JASCO offers two innovative FT-IR Microscope accessories, the IRT-5000 and IRT-7000, providing several new functions that drastically improve infrared microspectroscopy analyses. Both microscope systems ...

laboratory microscope / digital / fluorescence / LED
laboratory microscope
Zenit G-Sight

... cell- or tissue-dependent indirect immunofluorescence (IIF) tests. Its features include: high-tech automated fluorescence microscope with LED light source; a equipped scanning stage for substrate slides; a sensitive CCD ...

laboratory microscope / digital / LED
laboratory microscope
Zuzi 135/7

SPECIFICATIONS Binocular head 30° inclined and 360° revolving Eyepieces WF10x/18mm Quadruple nosepiece (1 free) Achromatic objectives 4X, 10X, 40X Coaxial coarse and fine focusing knobs Double layer mechanical stage 140x140 mm with traslation ...

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Auxilab S.L.
laboratory microscope / optical / binocular / with semi-plan objectives
laboratory microscope

The i4 modular series microscope features exceptional optical quality and expandability for top-notch performance in the lab. Use the rotating head to adjust the height for taller users. Infinity Plan and Semi-Plan optics ...

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LW Scientific
laboratory microscope / optical / binocular
laboratory microscope

Specificaton OpticalSystem: Infinity corrected system, field diameter 22 mm Vieving Head: Bin- or Trinocular compensation free Head, 30° 48 - 75 mm Nosepiece: Backward quintuple revolving nosepiece Eyepiece: Larger viewing area with ...

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Boeckel Co (GmbH Co.) KG
dissection microscope / organic / optical / binocular
dissection microscope
MSM 400

HOW DOES IT WORK? In every MSM 400, the specially developed motor-driven stage and integrated micromanipulator are controlled with each hand in a comfortable position. The micromanipulator controls the needle, while the joystick controls ...

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Singer Instruments
digital microscope / for life sciences applications / education / for biology
digital microscope
ProScope EDU

Digital Microscope Set – 5MP High Res 10X to 300X Sharp 5MP Adjustable Stand Included software for Windows and Mac USB Connected Adjustable LEDs

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confocal microscope / medical / inspection / optical
confocal microscope
MicroSpy® Topo DT

... MicroSpy® Topo DT is a 3D microscope with confocal and interferometric measuring technology for fast and non-destructive surface investigations. Depending on the measurement task the MicroSpy® Topo DT is operated as a ...

laboratory microscope / for research / AFM
laboratory microscope
NanoWizard® 4a NanoScience AFM

Due to JPK‘s leading tip-scanner technology and our consistent modular design philosophy, the NanoWizard® 4a is the most flexible system available on the market today. Perfect for optical integration and with the largest number of accessories ...

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JPK Instruments
laboratory microscope / optical / binocular
laboratory microscope
Neolab 290246

... operate microscope with excellent specifications and many great details. Semi-plan lens which gives a considerably sharper image across the entire field of vision than normal achromatic lenses. Microscope ...

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veterinary laboratory microscope / organic / optical / Siedentopf type
veterinary laboratory microscope
Focus-V 1375

Does more. Costs less. Built-to-last, medical-grade quality biological microscope provides more features than the competition at a lower price. Powered by a LED Illumination System, the Focus-V 1375 produces sharp and ...

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Leading Edge
brain imaging microscope / for animal research / optical / bench-top
brain imaging microscope

The head-mounted nVista miniature microscope enables one-photon epifluorescence imaging of calcium dynamics, a correlate of neural activity: In thousands of neurons simultaneously At single-cell resolution ...

immunofluorescence microscope / medical / laboratory / digital
immunofluorescence microscope
NOVA View®

NOVA View is the first automated digital IFA microscope to receive FDA clearance for detection of antinuclear antibodies. NOVA View automatically acquires and presents digital images of HEp-2 cells for operator review ...

organic microscope / optical / binocular / dark field
organic microscope
Euromex Oxion OX.3012

... modern, robust and high level microscope for everyday use, equipped with excellent optical and mechanical components. Specific attention to production methods resulted also in an excellent price/performance ratio The ...

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teaching microscope / laboratory / optical / binocular
teaching microscope
Med-Prax Plus

Brightfield microscope for education and routine operation. If price is the decisive factor and no further upgrade is planned, then the Med-Prax 3 is the microscope of choice. It is compact and sturdy. ...

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Helmut Hund GmbH
multi-function microscope / digital / 3D / USB camera
multi-function microscope
Celestron Amoeba

... software for Windows Description The entry-level Celestron Amoeba Digital Microscope is a dual-purpose microscope that can be used as a low-power or traditional microscope for a range ...

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confocal microscope / laboratory / for research / optical
confocal microscope

... elite imaging centers and applying its years of expertise in confocal microscopy, Caliber I.D. has developed a confocal microscope exclusively for the research scientist. Featuring a uniquely ­flexible scan head, innovative ...

laboratory microscope / optical / binocular / LED
laboratory microscope
Lotus MCX51 ECO

... Features ■ ADVANCED LED system ■ Ergonomic ARCTYPE Tube ■ SMART SENSE System ■ Rackless stage ■ Multi-system condenser Microscope body Sturdy base 203 x 145 mm, quadruple reversed angle nosepiece SMART SENSE system ...

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MICROS Produktions-u.HandelsgmbH.
comparison microscope / optical / trinocular / with color camera
comparison microscope

... optical system allows for images to be seen either 100% from the left microscope, 100% from the right, side-by-side, or overlapping. The M3-F is the first and only comparison microscope at this price ...

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Swift Optical Instruments
laboratory microscope / optical / binocular / halogen
laboratory microscope

The biological microscope CYANScope brings superior optics to your labora tory. It was designed and tested to be the right choice for your laboratory. It will guide you efficiently through malaria identification and your ...