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endoscope tester / benchtop
endoscope tester

The ScopeControl endoscope tester is a dedicated endoscope measurement device to verify the quality of rigid endoscopes. ScopeControl secures quality management of the endoscopes in use in the operations theatre. It increases ...

dissolution testing system / for the pharmaceutical industry / compact
dissolution testing system
DT 126 light, DT 128 light

... new ERWEKA light series delivers the proven ERWEKA quality in a comprehensive economic package for a budget for simple dissolution testing with USP method 2 (paddle). The DT 126 light is equipped with 6 test stations ...

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CHNS analyzer / for the food industry / for the pharmaceutical industry / for environmental analysis
CHNS analyzer
vario MICRO cube

The definition of elemental micro analysis The modern "cube" platform is setting the standards for elemental analyzers. Outstanding instrument design and intelligent engineering in combination with 110 years experience in the development ...

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sulfur analyzer / inorganic / carbon / organic
sulfur analyzer

ELTRA's CS-2000 is the only analyzer on the market for the determination of carbon and sulfur in organic as well as inorganic samples. For this purpose, the CS-2000 is equipped with both an induction and a resistance ...

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disintegration tester / for the pharmaceutical industry / benchtop
disintegration tester

The Disintegration Tester Series DTG is the result of over 50 years experience in the field of pharmaceutical testing. The series is available with one (DTG 1000), two (DTG 2000), three (DTG 3000) or four (DTG 4000) ...

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Copley Scientific
pressure tester / for medical devices / portable / digital
pressure tester

Digital Press/Vac Meter - Differential for Anesthesia - +/-0.05% Full Scale - 5 1/2 Digit Display The Model DPM-235175NNFC is a microprocessor-based, high precision, high resolution Digital Pressure Meter family. These meters measure ...

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BC Group
leak tester / for the pharmaceutical industry / for the food industry / for medical devices
leak tester

—Vacuum leak detector is a Simple, Affordable, reliable and repeatable leak detection equipment. Vacuum leak machine can be used for Continual testing on the production line. The Machine is capable to detect sealing ...

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Meditech Technologies India Pvt Ltd
pH analyzer / dissolved oxygen / laboratory
pH analyzer

Online measurement of dissolved oxygen and pH Description BPM-60 (Bioprocess Monitoring) is a non-invasive, online measurement of dissolved oxygen and pH in an Erlenmeyer flask. Continuous, recording of dissolved oxygen and pH Dissolved ...

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Kuhner AG
creamatocrit analyzer / for the food industry / portable
creamatocrit analyzer
Creamatocrit Plus™

Creamatocrit Plus™ helps to ensure that the youngest lives get the healthiest possible start Creamatocrit Plus™ is the first and only system dedicated to providing a fast, accurate creamatocrit measure. Creamatocrit ...

control tester / for animal research / modular
control tester

General Information The new Columbus Instruments Treadmill Shock Detection system provides means of monitoring and controlling the shock delivery on any Columbus Instruments treadmill ( Exer - 3/6, Exer - 4 and Modular ). This option ...

calibration analyzer / glucose / laboratory / for medical research
calibration analyzer

The Analox GM9 analyser is an ultra-fast stand alone system for glucose analysis in plasma and other fluids. The system offerss exceptional precision and accuracy. APPLICATION AREAS Diabetes monitoring - glucose analysis Clamp ...

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friction tester / benchtop / digital / automatic
friction tester

THE AUTOMATIC INCLINED PLANE TESTER FOR STATIC FRICTION COEFFICIENT DETERMINATION FTIP Sofraser’s FTIP, with its motorized, inclined platen, uses the simplest technology for the dynamic coefficient calculation of ...

bubble point tester / for the pharmaceutical industry / ultrasonic / continuous
bubble point tester
AD8, AD9

... invasive, ultrasonic air bubble detectors, continuous liquid and point level sensors, optical blood component detectors and pressure/occlusion detectors for companies in industries such as medical device ...

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BS-rep GmbH
oxygen analyzer / for medical devices / portable
oxygen analyzer
Model 200

Features: External sensor Audible/visual alarms LCD display Internal batteries 60 months sensor life

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Mediaid Inc.
powder density tester
powder density tester

Features -This machine achieves its effect by periodically tapping on the powder filled cylinder. -When the user determines the padded volume, the tapping function can be started. -As the density of the powder is changed, the readings ...

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Hannox International
electrical safety tester / leakage / for ultrasound transducers / portable
electrical safety tester

... structural and electrical integrity of the transducer be checked between each use, using an ultrasound transducer leakage tester.

bubble point tester / for the pharmaceutical industry / in-line / ultrasonic
bubble point tester

Sensor Type : Air Bubble/Air-in-line Detectors Type : Non-Invasive Product Description Using ultrasonic technology the AD-101 non-invasive air bubble detector is capable of positively identifying ...

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TE Connectivity
organic elemental analyzer / for environmental analysis / for the pharmaceutical industry / benchtop
organic elemental analyzer
ECS series

... elemental analyzer based on the Dumas method for the simultaneous determination of CHNS-O elements (Download datasheet). ECS 8040 single furnace classic: the “light version” for CHNS-O analyses. ECS 8060 N, protein ...

sterility testing system / laboratory / benchtop
sterility testing system

SteritailinHTY Sterility Test System is composed of Steritailin® Closed Sterile Canister and HTY Sterility Test Pump which are regarded as "GOLDEN STANDARD" of sterility testing for injection drugs.It achieved ISO9001 ...

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Hangzhou Tailin Bioengineering Equipments
dew-point tester / portable / digital
dew-point tester

The Dewpoint Meter enables testing for the estimation of the probability of condensation on a surface to be painted and establishing whether conditions at the job site are suitable for painting or not. The steel surface temperature ...

oxygen analyzer / flow rate / pressure / for oxygen concentrators
oxygen analyzer

For use in measuring of: Oxygen concentration Pressure and Flow rate of Oxygen concentrators only ADVANTAGES: Retailfree sensors Never needs to be calibrated Accu operating unit Numeric or graphic display ...

laboratory analyzer / tabletop
laboratory analyzer

Light UV filter protect user from UV light. High light power UV tube, ≥800μW/cm². 312nm UV light wave length. Eelectonic starter, no flash when turn on the light that lengthens UV tube's service life. Filter size: 200 x 200 mm. Air cooling ...

pressure tester / electrical safety / flow / for respiratory ventilators
pressure tester

Assurance, safety and reliability of the ventilators Traceable standart calibration (RCB) Pulmotrend Software, wich allows you keep the performance record of the ventilator Simple operation and handling

control tester / nitrogen / automatic
control tester

AUTOMATIC LEVEL CONTROL SYSTEMS FOR LIQUID NITROGEN Automatic level control of liquid nitrogen in a Dewar flask In many cryogenic applications, such as shrinking of shafts and bushings in LN2, freezing of components or biological samples, ...

temperature tester / humidity / lighting / for environmental analysis
temperature tester
PCE-EM 882

PCE-EM 882 is a portable, handheld, multifunctional digital device capable of measuring four different physical parameters. An ideal tool for use in industrial hygiene, HVAC performance assessment and environmental condition monitoring ...

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PCE Ibérica S.L.