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control tester / risk assessment / for the food industry / hand-held
control tester

control analyzer / for the food industry / laboratory / benchtop
control analyzer

The new generation analyzer to control acidification process. The iCinac is the fourth generation of the Cinac system, an instrument developed in the 90s in partnership with INRA (UMR GMPA, lab G. Corrieu) at the request ...

control analyzer / for milk / laboratory / benchtop
control analyzer

... partnership with the INRA (LGMPA / G. CORRIEU) by AMS Alliance, on the request of ARILAIT, who was looking for a new type of analyzer to replace the old and obsolete technology from the Formagraph. The selected solution ...

dissolved oxygen analyzer / BOD / for environmental analysis / laboratory
dissolved oxygen analyzer
EasyPREP BOD 200

The BOD-200 provides users with the capability to conduct BOD, cBOD and DO analysis. Analyze cBOD in conjunction with BOD to verify if non-compliant BOD results are due to nitrification and to obtain results more reflective of real effluent ...

pressure tester / flow / for respiratory ventilators / for medical devices
pressure tester

VentiThor Ultrasonic medical ventilator tester, PC based General description VentiTHOR is a multi-path ultrasonic ventilator tester with a proprietary Idegen Technology® algorithm processing. It is capable ...

trace metal analyzer / laboratory / for environmental analysis / benchtop
trace metal analyzer

Electro-Analyzer Eberbach's Electro-Analyzer E1000 apparatus is the laboratory standard for determinations of lead, nickel, copper, zinc, antimony, cadmium and other metals by the electro-deposition process. Unit has a finished steel ...

food fiber analyzer / benchtop
food fiber analyzer

F800 Fiber Analyzer Feature: 1. hidden solution barrel pull structure designed to facilitate dosing operation, provide the most safety fiber analysis. 2.Provide five various specifications crucible specifications ...

temperature tester / pressure / O2 / CO2
temperature tester

A PhenoMaster Extension Keeps track of the environmental parameters that may affect the experiment Monitors CO2, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, room light, sound & human activity (in-room motion) Fully integrated ...

milk tester / conductivity / hand-held / digital
milk tester

The Milk Checker is a device that can detect sub-clinical mastitis in the initial testing stage with absolute precision. Quick and reliable In a few seconds, the Milk Checker displays the results of the milk of all four quarters of the ...

gas quality analyzer / for medical devices
gas quality analyzer

ISA OR+ Multigas Monitoring Supporting Anesthetic Agent and Ventilation Management The ISA OR+ sidestream multigas analyzer with the Masimo Root patient monitoring and connectivity platform provides the following features ...

carbon dioxide tester / for healthcare facilities / for respiratory ventilators
carbon dioxide tester
CapnoDura Combi

CO2 Detector CapnoDura Combi Is everything positioned correctly? Is my patient properly intubated? Are they being safely ventilated? In high-pressure situations, you need to act fast. A simple check of whether ...

leak-proofing tester / for packaging
leak-proofing tester
MELAG seal check

For monitoring the function of sealing devices In the opinion of many hygiene experts, the validated procedure for the processing of instruments also includes routine monitoring of sealing devices. In the course of routine testing in ...

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Raman analyzer / for formulation / for the pharmaceutical industry / compact
Raman analyzer

The new RA802 Pharmaceutical AnalyserThe RA802 Pharmaceutical Analyser is a compact benchtop Raman imaging system designed exclusively for the pharmaceutical industry. It rapidly determines API/excipient domain statistics enabling you ...

dissolution testing system / for the pharmaceutical industry
dissolution testing system
Distek 2500 Select

The Distek Model 2500 Select Bathless Dissolution System is the culmination of three generations of patented bathless technology with extremely short media heating times and dramatically smaller energy use. The system ...

flow analyzer / for medical devices
flow analyzer

Last generation Sidestream gases analyzers - Mainstream - IRMA CO2 module ( CO2 ) - IRMA AX+ module ( CO2, N2O, 5 AA ID & MAC ) Last generation Sidestream gases analyzers - Mainstream - IRMA ...

tensile testing system / for the pharmaceutical industry / benchtop
tensile testing system

FEATURES & BENEFITS A simple, easy-to-use economical single-channel system. Ideal for quick, simultaneous measurements of biodynamic parameters such as compliance and fatigue. Pin and clamp mounts facilitate the use of a mix of ring ...

leakage tester / for endoscopes / benchtop / digital
leakage tester

· Lastest cantilever design, easy for loading and unloading, robust,durable and space saving. · Compatible with major endoscope brands for leakage testing. · Find the pinhole leaks early, and reduce the failure rate greatly. · Dual-mode, ...

purity analyzer / laboratory / for the food industry / benchtop
purity analyzer

Coupling of polarimeter + refractometer Automatic purity calculation No external PC is needed ICUMSA compliant calculation Independent use of each single instrument

pH tester / chlorine / for water analysis
pH tester

The 8232 from Bürkert is an electrochemical sensor designed for the measurement of the free chlorine concentration generated from inorganic sources (chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite solution,...). Type 8232 offer a range of three models: ...

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Bürkert GmbH & Co. KG Fluid Control Systems
leak tester / for filters / benchtop / with touchscreen
leak tester

Smart Upstream Sampling and Downstream Filter Scanning System The Lighthouse ScanAir Pro System is a particle counter based HEPA/ULPA filter scanning system. It is the only easy and lightweight method for testing and scanning PTFE, fiberglass ...

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Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions
hardness tester / for tablets / portable
hardness tester
HTF-20, HTF-50

... measuring the mechanical integrity of a tablet" Tablet hardness tester is portable instruments which can be used to measure the breaking point of tablet ranging from 2 mm to 28 mm. The tester measures ...

nitric oxide tester / flow / for medical devices / digital
nitric oxide tester

DESCRIPTION NOXtec 1000 is a medical device which both dosifies and monitors the supply of nitric oxide (NO). NO is a gaseous vasodilator used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. It is supplied to the patients mixed with medical ...

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Ingeniería y Técnicas Clínicas
electric tester / for dental handpieces / digital / continuous
electric tester

Our test device PRKM-3 is suitable for testing of turbines, instruments and micromotors with brushes or brushless of all current brands.The device is equipped with manometers, flowmeters for water, air and air cooling.The light as well ...

oxygen analyzer / for oxygen concentrators / portable
oxygen analyzer